Still practicing!

This is my first attempt to write a post and download a picture without my friend Craig beside me showing me what to do!  Eventually I hope to be fluent at doing this and to have some fine pictures and thoughts to share with anyone who wants to “stop by.”  My focus will be quilts, of course, but I may share good books I’m reading and/or other thoughts about life in general.

Below you will see another picture of the quilt I am now quilting by hand.  Yesterday I posted a sneak preview close-up and today you get more of the overall picture.  For this quilt, which I am thinking of calling “Feathers and Flora” or “Feathers, Flowers, and Leaves”, I used a feathers and tulips applique pattern from the Fons and Porter book of quilts from the Henry Ford Museum.  I shrunk the blocks to half their intended size (19 inches instead of 38 inches) and used 9 blocks instead of 4.  All applique is by hand and the feathers are all outlined in embroidery stitches.  I originally planned to use a lovely large floral fabric with birds on it as the border but once all the applique was done for the 9 center blocks (that took about 2-3 years to complete) that border did not look right at all so I had to design my own vine border.  The new border added another year to the project and I finally started quilting it last fall and hope to finish for my guild’s show this October.  In the upper left corner of the picture you can see the square hoop I use for my hand quilting.

Thanks for stopping by!



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