Still thinking about HANDS

Yesterday’s post set me to thinking about other images of hands in famous art works  – the Sistine Chapel ceiling where God creates Adam and the dramatic meeting of their hands in the center; the famous praying hands by Albrect Durer, the hands sculpted by Rodin, and many more.  I thought about how hands evolved with the primates, how the opposable thumb allows us to do so much, and how hands are so much a part of what makes us human and able to create and do incredible things.  I use my hands nearly continuously during my waking hours as I’m sure most of us do.  And, of course, we quilters use our hands for all of our creations! 

I am a dedicated HAND appliquer and HAND quilter.   Although I very much admire and appreciate the skill that good machine quilting requires and acknowledge that it is beautiful if done well, I hope the art of hand quilting doesn’t ever die out.  I worry, though, when I see fewer and fewer hand quilted items at shows.

Here is my picture of the day:  I try to make smaller quilts along with the larger ones so that I can finish something more than once every few years and have some feeling of accomplishment!  This is my first “doll quilt”.  It’s approximately 13″ x 16″, uses reproduction fabric, and is hand quilted.  It will likely eventually end up with my granddaughter!

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