Project revealed; design struggles

I know I’m not the only quiltmaker who struggles with trying to create a good design.  For me this is the crux of the creative process.  There are occasional times when I will use an already created pattern, but I try to do this as little as possible because the design process is usually highly enjoyable and it feels so good when it’s done well!  There are certainly times, though, when what seems to be a good design doesn’t look as good when pieces of it are up on the design wall.

 The 6th quilt in my series of “oriental meditations” has been that way for me.  I have had it on and off my design wall for 5-6 years, I think.  I leave it up for many weeks at a time, looking at it periodially to try to determine what to do with it to make it “right.”  Over this time, I’ve made many changes.  It is still not what I had in mind when I began, but I decided I want to finish making the top this summer.  I stll like it enough to complete it and feel I have spent enough time on it.  The piecing has been very difficult with lots of “angles” to deal with.  I finally added the last row and am happy with they types of fabrics I’m looking at for the borders.  Many of the quilts make by the japanese have several different border fabrics in use at once and I think that will look good with this project.  I plan to have the quilt machine quilted just because i simply don’t have time to do this one by hand.

Here is a fairly good size portion of the quilt (but not the whole thing) as it now appears on my design wall.  The border fabrics are just pinned up.  I hope to be able to show a completed top fairly soon!



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