Passion, Commitment, Energy, and Space

When I speak with others about my quilting and mention my busy medical career, I am often asked how I am able to be so productive given the amount of time I devote to my career, family, and other interests.   I think the way I said it in the little biography of me on my web site is apt in that quilting is “tucked into all the little spaces in my life in which I can fit it!”  So how do I do that?

The most important factor is “passion.”  Nothing would be accomplished if I didn’t enjoy quiltmaking.   I just love working with textiles, the feel of them, the color of them; I very much enjoy sewing and using needle and thread.  I love the entire process from start to finish.  And I love the “product” when I’m done. This love of the process and the product leads to my commitment to actually “do” it.  I try to do some quilting related activity for some amount of time on most days, even if it is just a few minutes.   Those minutes really do add up over time.  And I’m lucky enough to have the energy to be able to sew either before or after work or both on many days.  I am a morning person and get up early enought to quilt for at least a few minutes before I have to get ready for work.  I watch very little TV so at least some portion of many evenings is spent reading or sewing.   I do have some weekend time and breaks from work during which I can be more productive.  Finally, it is very conducive to sewing in increments of even just a few minutes at a time if you can have projects set out and ready to pick up and work on any time there are a few minutes available.  Here is a picture of the quilt I am hand quilting set up on a chair in a corner of our living room, ready to work on any moment I want to:


Yes, that’s a drum that I’m using to hold my supplies!  And, by the way, that little needle case is one of my favorite tools.  I thread 10 needles at once and then don’t need to stop to do this but can keep sewing for some time:
Here’s another project set out on my screened porch for work whenever I can:

One of the best things I did for my quilting was to take over one of the bedrooms in my house for a sewing room.  It truly helps to be able to have your machine set up and at the ready at any time and to have all your tools, books, and magazines in one dedicated space.  It also really helps to have a design wall so that you can keep projects up and look at them regularly over days or weeks to determine whether something looks the way you want it to look and if not you can make changes more easily.

So, with passion, commitment, energy, and space I am able to be quite productive!

Thanks for stopping by. 


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