“Contemplative savoring” and a short break

My husband and I leave early tomorrow AM to drive to Burlington, VT, about 3 hours away, so I can spend the day at the Vermont Quilt Festival.  I hope to take lots of pictures and share some of my favorites with you later next week.  We’ll stay overnight and then drive on to Montreal which is only a couple hours further north and spend 3 days/nights there before heading home 7/3.  There might be some pictures to share from that part of the trip as well.  During our little get-away, I won’t be blogging.  

What I hope to be doing is a lot of “contemplative savoring.”  This is a phrase that Diane Ackerman used in her book, One Hundred Names for Love, that I mentioned in a previous post.  She talked about how she and her husband were able to spend quality time together in “contemplative savoring” and gave the example of spending a half hour together on their patio quietly watching and enjoying birds.  I like that little phrase and think we could all stand to spend more time doing it.  In our busy and rushed lives we tend to spend far too little time both contemplating and savoring!   The very word “savor” implies taking one’s time to enjoy.

So…over the next few days I am going to spend time at the quilt show in “contemplative savoring” of the lovely quilts I’m going to see and hope to do the same at the Montreal Art Museum, their botanical gardens, and other sights.  I’ll also be savoring some wonderful food as Al has spent some time researching and selecting some excellent restaurants for our meals!!

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be back later next week.


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