A few more pics and The Affordable Care Act

I’m sharing a picture of the fireplace in the Sofitel Hotel at which we stayed in Montreal.  I believe the interior is tin and what a wonderful pattern – wouldn’t it be great to use in a whole cloth quilt?!


Here are a couple pictures of the carved stone wall at the Chinese garden and Al and I just outside that.  Yes, that is a boot on his left lower leg.  He’s recovering from a ruptured Achilles tendon (while playing frisbee with the grandkids!) and it hampered our ability to do as much walking as we would have liked, but he’s using a “knee scooter” which allows him to get around much better than crutches so we still were able to do a lot.


Health Care;

When I decided back in the mid 1960’s to go into medicine, it was because I was idealistic and wanted to do something with my life that would be of sevice to others.  Of course, there are many careers that can do that, but I wanted to challenge myself to do what few women at that time were doing.  I believe challenges are good for the mind and soul.  In any case, I did it because I wanted to help people, I love people and their stories (I love literature), and practicing medicine is a wonderful way to share in others’ stories and be able to be of service.  I view medicine as a profession, not as primarily a business, although I am not foolish enough to think that the sound practice of business principles isn’t necessary.  Nevertheless, I believe quality, appropriate health care should be a right not a privilege.  I believe those that are trying to apply the same market based business principles to medicine in the same way they are applied to other businesses are wrong.  Life and death decisions and decisions about health in general don’t belong there.

 I believe the best solution to the current “broken” situation – and it IS BROKEN! – is a single-payer system similar to what they have in Canada and other European countries.  This would take the current health insurance industry out of play.  How can you trust an industry that for years denied coverage for pre-existing conditions and dropped people’s coverage when they got sick?!  Salaried health care providers would not be tempted to pad their incomes by ordering unnecessary procedures.  I would also like to see the way malpractice claims are handles overhauled as it is another reason so many unnecessary tests are done.  Arbitration panels could be a start.  And those who express worry about rationing of care in a single payer system have blinders on to the fact that we are already rationing care – those who have money get the care they need; those that don’t suffer.  This discrepancy would be addressed in the single payer system.   It is very upsetting to have money issues determine important decisions such as what medication someone can afford to be on, what testing can be done, etc.  Best practices should be driving those decisions!   I could go on and on….

So….the Affordable Care Act.  Obviously I don’t think it is the ideal solution but given the current make up of congress, a single payer system was unlikely to happen. (Nevertheless, I don’t like how those for it were basicallly given no voice and no chance right from the start!)  Although we will have to see what happens re “unintended consequences” as the new law is implemented, I feel that it should be better than what we have now and there are several features, such as not allowing denial because of pre-existing conditions and allowing children to stay on parents’ insurance into their mid 20’s, that are vast improvements.  I was pretty happy with the Supreme Court’s decision overall, tho a bit concerned about the Medicare part.  I am worried, however, that this law may not help lower the overall cost of healthcare and believe a single payer system had much higher potential to do that.  In any case, it is what it is and we’ll see what happens.  I wish the Republicans would accept the situation and move on to trying to solve our many other problems; we’ll see.

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