2 Completed Tops!

This week I completed 2 tops which are now ready for quilting!  Completing a top, of course, doesn’t complete the quilt, but it always seems like a nice accomplishment.  One of the quilts is “Oriental Meditation #6: Evolution”  which I have talked about in some recent posts.  It truly feels wonderful to complete the top after so many struggles over the past few years with this design.  I’m relieved!!  I’ll be contacting someone soon to see about having it machine quilted since I have other projects in line for hand quilting.  Here are a couple of pictures; I did my best to photograph from above with the quilt on the porch floor since my design wall is already occupied.  Re the borders, I studied a lot of Japanese quilts and like how several have used multiple fabrics that don’t necessarily match.  I wasn’t sure this was going to work, but once I cut strips and put them around the center, I really liked the effect, so went with it.  I’m now in the process of studying the top to figure our what type of quilting I want.  I want to be very careful in the center of the quilt not to have the quilt pattern compete with the “block” pieced pattern.  That could be tricky if I want anything other than stitching in the ditch along the strips.  Feel free to comment if you have any suggestions!


The other top I completed is my third doll quilt.  It measures about 19 inches by 16 inches.  This was my first try at hand piecing hexagons and I liked it!  I ultimately decided to applique the “flowers” to the background rather than try to piece them together with background hexagons because I drafted my own hexagon pattern (using an early Jinny Beyer book) and I don’t think they were all perfectly equal.  I might have had a tented mess if I had tried to piece the whole thing together.  I liked the process enough to buy a set of metal hexagon templates at VQF and would like to give it another try sometime soon.  I’ve already started to hand quilt this – it will be simple and shouldn’t take too long.  I really like doing these small projects to give me some gratification re completing something while my larger projects take years!


I will not be posting for the next 2 weeks.  Al and I are leaving Saturday for a trip to Nova Scotia.  We’ll be meeting good friends in Lunenberg and traveling together to Cape Breton.  We’ll meander along the Maine coast on the way there and back.  We’ve never been to NS so we’re looking forward to an adventure!

Thanks for stopping by!


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