Nova Scotia Pictures

Al and I had a wonderful, wonderful time being in and traveling to and from Nova Scotia.  We were incredibly lucky to have nearly perfect weather for the entire trip and were able to see NS in all her glory.  It was especially fun to see our friends Paul McKenna and Lee Simpson who invited us to stay at their lovely home in Lunenberg, an hour south of Halifax.  Their hospitality was incredible as they showed us the sights and fed us delicious home cooked meals when we weren’t on the road to the Cape Breton Highlands.  I made sure we came home with Lee’s recipe for gluten free peanut butter cookies and cornbread!

This post will mostly consist of pictures from our trip and I’ll get back to posting about quiltmaking next time.  I am busy getting ready for my Lowell Quilt Festival presentation which is coming up fast on 8/11!

Paul and Lee’s lovely home sits on a narrow penninsula very near a cove of water which can be seen from their house.  They have endless kayaking possibilities!  We stayed in a great room above the garage.  


Here’s a picture of Lunenberg, a really beautiful smaller town:


The next sequence of pictures are of our drive around the Cabot Trail in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.  With the several stops we made along the way, it took us all day to do the drive.  The first hour or so the weather was a little iffy and vascillated back and forth between light rain and just being cloudy with even occasional peeks of the sun, but after that it cleared up and was gorgeous!


The view from the hotel that Paul, Lee, Al, and I stayed in for 2 nights during our side trip to Cape Breton:


It looks out on the huge Bra D’Or Lakes region. 

After driving the Cabot Trail, we had a quick bite to eat and then went into the town of Baddeck to a Ceilidh which are fairly informal music events.  They are a regular feature in several towns in Cape Breton during the summer and feature celtic and gaelic music originally inspired by Scottish or Irish music.  The one we went to that evening was fantastic!  It featured a young musician who played fiddle and 2 types of bagpipes; he was accompanied by another woman whose main instrument is fiddle but she played great piano accompaniment that night.  For a couple numbers they were joined by step dancers.  A visitor from Belfast, Ireland was in the audience and he played pennywhistle with his wife on guitar for a couple of songs.  It was great fun!!


Overall, we drove over 2200 miles!  We stopped overnight once on the way there and once on the way back in the lovely town of St. Andrews by the Sea just over the Maine border in New Brunswick.  We stayed one night in Bar Harbor on the way up and our last night was spent in Rockland, ME on the way back.  Here’s the view from the porch of the Island View Motel where we stayed in Rockland:


We spent that evening in “comtemplative savoring”!!!  We were trying to soak up the beauty and the tranquility before getting back to work!

I’ll close this post with picture of Dmitri and Sveta from this weekend.  Our trip was great but it was nice to get home and great to have the grandkids stay with us for an overnight this Saturday.


Thanks for stopping by!


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