A Bit More Nova Scotia

Here’s a picture of our friends, Lee and Paul (and me, hooded!), which I meant to post yesterday:


Here is a wonderful quilt and rug hooking shop in Mahone Bay, the town next to Lunenberg:


I restrained myself from buying anything partly because I don’t need any more fabric, but also because the cost of fabric was a lot higher than in the states.  However, I did buy something that I never thought I would – yarn!!  I used to knit, but haven’t done any for probably 20 years- not since I started quilting.  But, on the second day of our trip, I went into a wonderful little yarn shop in St. Andrews by the Sea in New Brunswick and on display was a knit scarf that is wide enough be worn like a shawl.  It was incredibly soft and easy to make.I’ve been looking for a cream colored shawl to wear with nicer summer clothing so I decided to take the plunge and 


make it!  I bought 2 skeins of yarn and the needles to knit the shawl and the pattern came with the yarn.  I couldn’t remember how to cast on so I found an on-line 3-minute You Tube video demonstrating it, watched it 5 times, and voila! – was able to cast on the required 95 stitches and begin!  I discovered that it is not difficult to knit in the car and it’s much easier to knit than quilt or applique when traveling.  So, by the time I got home from our trip I had over a third of the piece completed!


I hope this isn’t the beginning of another hobby – I don’t have time for it!!!!

I’ll finish this post with some “eye candy” – a few pictures from the gorgeous botanical gardens in St. Andrews by the Sea:


Thanks for stopping by!


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