Lowell Quilt Festival

I had a wonderful time sharing many of my quilts at the Lowell Quilt Festival Lunch and Learn Presentation this past Saturday.  I transported 31 of my quilts to the show – not an easy task!  I think it is worth it, though, so that folks can see the quilts in their original size and can take a look at the workmanship – so much better and more poweful than just showing slides!   Thanks so much to my good friend Liz who helped me get the quilts there and back!!  The size of the room and number of attendees felt very comfortable; everyone was able to hear me without my having to use a microphone and everyone could get a good close look at the quilts.  It was a real honor for the New England Quilt Museum to ask me to do this presentation and I thank them for considering my work worthy!!  Here are some pictures of my presentation:

This is me talking about making “Oriental Meditation #2: Circle Visions”:


Talking about making “Oriental Meditation #6: Evolution” (top only)


Discussing the creation of “Indigo River”:


Showing and talking about my new, 90% completed quilt, “Feathers, Flowers, and Leaves”:


Talking about the inspirations for and challenges of making “Myriad”:


And here is a sneak preview of my Baltimore Album quilt that I started 16 years ago and still have not completed!!  It keeps getting set aside for other projects.  2 years ago I decided I wanted to commit the time to hand quilt it instead of sending it out for machine quilting.  As of now, the interior blocks are all outline quilted and 5 of the blocks have the background cross hatching done.  When I finish Feather, Flowers, and Leaves for the Cocheco show this October, my plan is to go back to hand quilting this and finish it next year.  We’ll see if that happens!


Tomorrow I will post some pictures from the Lowell Festival show.  There were some gorgeous quilts there, so come back to take a look!

Thanks for stopping by!


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