Lowell Quilt Festival Favorites

Here are some pictures of quilts I really enjoyed from the Lowell Quilt Festival this past weekend.

I had 2 favorite quilts.  Although I’ve never been a judge at a quilt show, they say the “Judge’s Choice” awards are supposed to be the quilt that each judge would take home if s/he could choose one from the show to keep.  So, if I had been a judge at this show, I would have chosen one of the following 2 quilts.  

The first one is Linda Roy’s quilt, “Redbud Ramble.”  Linda has been making incredible quilts for many years and I eagerly look forward to seeing her work in shows.   She is a traditional quilter who does a marvelous job of creating her own designs, which are just wonderful.  She also is a dedicated hand quilter and her stitches are tiny!  I personally don’t know how she puts out one of these detailed hand done quilts every year, but she does!  The picture of the whole quilt has some shadows in it because the lighting was uneven; I’ve included a couple closer views:


My other favorite was “Sakura 1: Hanaogi Views the Cherry Blossoms” by Megan Farkas.  I had previously seen this quilt at the Vermont Quilt Festival in 2011.  It is just beautiful and so wonderfully all done by hand.  Since I am so in love with asian design,it make sense I would love this quilt.  Megan has done a fantastic job with choosing just the right fabrics and her workmanship is impeccable.


“Rhapsody in Rose” by Barbara Clem was very lovely with fantastic hand quilting.  I don’t understand how this one wasn’t one of the award winners.  The quilt is a luscious shade of pink which turned out to be impossible to capture with my camera.  The background color came out too washed out; in reality the pink is much deeper than it appears in the pictures and, although you wouldn’t think it would look good with the red and orangy red of the flowers, it does.


This was the Best of Show – “Rainbow Nouveau” by Margaret Solomon Gunn.  The quilt was all made by machine and the workmanship and machine quilting was beautifully done.


Rosemany Bawn’s “Fenway Park Centennial” was expertly crafted and made and very fun to look at for we Red Sox fans.


Finally, I really liked this antique quilt that was hanging from a rail above the show (that’s why the angle rather than the straight on shot):


Pat Delaney had a wonderful exhibit of 18 of her gorgeous quilts, but we were not allowed to take pictures.  She has deservedly won many awards for her well designed and fabulously home-machine quilted quilts.  Her quilt “Barcelona” is a spectacular use of “low value”, i.e very light colored, fabric.  Her use of color in her quilts is of the highest quality.

Nancy Halpern also had a special exhibit of her quilts.  I had seen a similar exhibit of her work at a recent Vermont Quilt Festival, but nice to see some of the work again.

I also saw the great exhibit at the New England Quilt Museum showcasing work of many of the great names in quiltmaking over the past 25 years, including a great quilt by Jinny Beyer.  That exhibit should be up for a while so, if you missed the quilt festival, you still have a chance to see this and it’s well worth it!

Kudos to the NE Quilt Museum for organizing such a fine show!

This Friday I will be going to the Mancuso sponsored World Quilt Show in Manchester.  This is one of my favorites because there are quilts from around the world in it.  I particularly look forward to the Japanese quilts.  I’ll be taking lots of pictures and will plan to share some on the blog.

Thanks for stopping by!!


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