Quilt Backs

When I was giving my presentation at the Lowell Quilt Festival last weekend, someone in the audience asked if I paid any particular attention to what I put on the backs of my quilts.  I answered in the negative, except for the fact that when I hand quilt, which is for most of my quilts, I try to have as few seams as possible on the back so I don’t have to quilt through several layers, which is tough.   However, I have thought about this since then and realize that answer isn’t completely true.  I do indeed pay attention to making sure the fabric I use for backs is consistent with the style and theme of the quilt.   For example, I would use reproduction fabrics on the back of a quilt made from these type fabrics.  I match the color to the front because, even though the back might not show if the quilt is hanging, it could show if the quilt is draped across the back of a chair or folded back on the bed, so I don’t want the color difference to be too jarring.  And sometimes I like to use a tone on tone or near solid fabric on the back if I want to highlight my hand quilting – or something busy if I want to hide it!!

Later today I am dropping off “Oriental Meditation #6: Evolution” to be machine quilted by Sue Foster who has done a lovely job on previous quilts for me.  Here’s the back I pieced together for it:


The back is consistent with the oriental theme, I didn’t need to worry about having to hand quilt through seams, and I thought this would be a great way to use up most of my geisha fabrics.  Using them will add to my enjoyment of the quilt in the future.  I don’t believe in putting “ugly” fabric on the backs.

The hibscus plants on my deck are blooming again!


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