World Quit Festival – Wow! Today – hand quilting

I spent 6 hours at the World Quilt Festival in Manchester, NH on Friday and it was a great show.  The variety of quilts was wonderful – something for everyone!  It will take me at least 3 or 4 posts to cover my favorite quilts.  Today I will share some of my favorite hand quilted quilts.  I love being able to examine beautifully crafted quilts close-up, not only so I can better appreciate the workmanship, but also so I can compare my own work and get ideas for improving myself and trying new things.

The following were my 3 favorite hand quilted quilts, in no order – I honestly can’t decide which one I liked best.

First, Linda Roy again.  You may remember, I showed her quilt “Redbud Ramble” as a favorite from the Lowell Festival.  This show had her magnificent “Vintage Button Bouquet” and it was “Best of World”.  She really is amazing.  She combines lovely hand quilting and applique with ruching in original designs.  I like her warm color choices – like me she often chooses shades of golds, reds, and greens.  Here’s a full view followed by some close-ups:


Next is Rita Verroca’s gorgeous applique quilt, filled with baskets and cornucopisas of incredibly made flowers.  And her stitches are tiny!!!!!  By the way, this quilt is on the cover of Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine this month.  What a treat to see it “live.”


And rounding out my top 3 quilts featuring hand quilting is Andrea Stracke’s quilt “Citrin.”  Andrea is from Germany and this quilt won the award for best quilt from Germany.  It is a truly stunning whole cloth quilt in a lovely shade of gold whose richness isn’t fully picked up by my camera.  Her stitches are amazingly even – so even that she can confidently stitch on this light colored fabric in a darker colored thread.  She says her quilt is a replica of a Northumbrian wholecloth quilt made around 1932.  Marvel at the following pictures!:


I’ve got much,much more to share, but this is enough for today.  Next post I’ll share more of my favorite quilts featuring hand work and will eventually get to some excellent machine made quilts, too. Stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by!


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