World Quilt Show – More Handwork favorites

I’m continuing today to share quilts I particularly liked from the World Quilt Show that were hand quilted and/or focused on hand work.

This one is “Albert Picks Roses for Victoria” by Jeanie O’Sullivan from New Zealand.  I just love her use of “clamshells” and especially the black and white striped borders for them which really highlight them perfectly!  I also love how she was able to combine several different rose prints successfully.  The overall design and appearance is wonderful!  I apologize for the blurry pic of the full quilt.


Next is “Edo Fukagawa, Old Tokyo in 17th Century” by Chieko Baba from Japan.  This work is completely made by hand and 3 dimensional.  Stunning work!


Most portraits that you see in quilt form are done by machine and this quilt, “Waiting for the Mail”, by Mary Wilbur Wirchansky, which won “Best of Country – USA”, does have some machine work in it but there is also hand applique and it is hand quilted.  She does a masterful job with the portrait and I love the fact that there are excerpts from the quilter’s grandfather’s letters in the sky and the stamps are from the timeperiod of the ’30’s and ’40’s when her grandfather was writing to her mother.


Gwenfai Rees Griffiths of the United Kingdom is well known for her beautiful quilts and hand quilting and has won some awards at major shows.   I liked the pretty color combinations in this quilt, “Starburst,”and the stitches were lovely too.


There were plenty of oooh’s and aaaah’s by all of us looking at the next quilt by Suzette Ehlers of South Africa.  It’s called “Marakesj” and is completely hand done.  The hand work is mostly applique of the bias strips to create the celtic style design.  It was amazingingly intricate!


Chris Kleppe has regularly had quilts in shows over the past several years, all intricately “woven” bands of color in circular designs.  This quilt, “Lily and Rosebud” continues that style.  The quilt is machine pieced using curved seams – no applique!!!  All hand quilted.  Just wonderful work!


The last quilt I am sharing today is “Three Views” by Carolyn Sullivan of Australia.  This quilt is very different – an “art quilt.”  She says, “I look at the broad view of the land as well as the many plants and creatures that share the land with me.  This quilt is hand stitched onto cloth that has been dyed using the vegetation on our property.  The stitched images are of these plants and creatures.”  The hand work is very very impressive!


Next post I’ll share some of my favorite machine made quilts from the show.  That group includes a quilt that has inspired an idea for Oriental Meditation #7!!  I’ll eventually share that story with you.  Stay tuned!!

Thanks for stopping by!


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