Just a few more pictures from WQS

Greetings!  Here are just a few more of the machine made quilts that I admired from the World Quilt Show.  I didn’t get these up previously because of computer issues which seem to have solved themselves, thankfully!

This next quilt, by Linda Steele, won the award for best quilt from Austrailia.  The intricate stitches along the “crazy patches” and the unique use of the crazy quilt style were impressive.  This is one that is hard to appreciate from pictures and much better appreciated in person.


In general I’m not a huge fan of pictorial quilts, preferring paintings instead.  However, occasionally these are done beautifully.  Here’s one byCheryl Pratt (USA) that was very well done:


The next quilt won a blue ribbon for best machine workmanship in the traditional category.  It’s by Margaret McDonald and Susan Campbell of Austrailia and is called “Amazed.”  It’s a great 2-color graphic quilt!


Another pictorial quilt that caught my attention was “Aloft” by Betty Busby.  Her machine quilting is superb and just right for highligting the texture of rocks.


And, finally, I liked the graphic nature of Carol Goddu’s (from Canada) quilt, “A Parliament of Owls.”


This certainly doesn’t cover all the worthy quilts at the show but is a nice sampling of some of the good quilts being made these days.

I continue to work on finishing the hand quilting of my large applique quilt and on putting together my challenge quilt.  I’m looking forward to finishing these projects and moving on to new things soon!

Thanks for stopping by!



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