Quilting Completed! and Thought on Quilt Making Process


Early this evening I completed the last little bit of quilting on my “Feathers, Flowers, and Leaves” applique quilt.  I started the hand quilting in August 2011 so it has taken just a little over a year.  It’s always a great feeling of accomplishment to complete a project that takes this long!!  Of course, I’m not quite finished yet.  An hour ago I finished taking out the basting stitches and attaching the binding by machine and now have to sew it down by hand.  That, plus putting on the “sleeve” for hanging and  adding the label will still take a few more hours over the next few weeks, but I’m 99% there!!  Putting on bindings is one of my favorite tasks in making quilts because it means the quilt is finished – always exciting!  I’ll post a picture once the binding is on.

A blog I enjoy reading when I get a chance is “Brain Pickings.”  There are frequent very interesting and well written posts on many topics, especially ideas and creativity.  Here’s what they say they are about:  “Brain Pickings is your LEGO treasure chest, full of pieces across art, design, science, technology, philosophy, history, politics, psychology, sociology, ecology, anthropology, you-name-itolgoy.  Pieces that enrich your mental pool of resources and empower you to combine them into original concepts that are stronger, smarter, richer, deeper, and more impactful.”

A couple of weeks ago on BP there was a post about Francine Prose’s new book, “Reading Like A Writer” and I liked this quote from the book because I could substitute words for quiltmaking (in parentheses) and make the quote apply to quilts as well:   “It’s surprising how easily we lose sight of the fact that words (fabrics, thread, color) are the raw material out of which literature (quilts) is (are) crafted.  Every page was once a blank page (every quilt once never existed), just as every word (fabric, thread, color) that appears on (in) it now was not always there, but instead reflects the final result of countless large and small deliberations.  All the elements of good writing (quilt making) depend on the writer’s (quilt maker’s) skill in choosing one word (fabric, thread, color, form) instead of another.  And what grabs and keeps our interest has everything to do with those choices.

Seems like a pretty good description of the quilt making process  My quilts indeed are the “result of countless large and small deliberations,” and I hope the choices I made in making “Feathers, Flowers, and Leaves” will have made it interesting and satisfying to view !!

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