Quilt Completed


It’s been a busy 2 weeks since my last post.  Full time work as a doctor and medical director takes a huge chunk of my time.  Good thing I generally enjoy my work!  It is truly a blessing to have meaningful work that you love and every day I am grateful for this.  

The past couple weeks have been extra busy because of trying to get several quilts ready for the annual Cocheco Quilt Guild show coming up 2 weeks from now.  In addition, both grandchildren had birthdays this past week. Dmitri turned eight on the 26th and Sveta turned 5 on the 28th.  Al and I enjoyed celebrating with them at a family party last weekend.  We try to enjoy them as much as possible because before we know it they will be grown up just like their mom and our son!  My mantra is to be mindful and enjoy each day.

My large quilts take a long time to create so there is always a feeling of accomplishment and also of “an ending” when they are completed.  So it is with “Feathering My Nest (The Right Way!)” which is now finished except for the label.  Previously I called this quilt “Feathers, Flowers, and Leaves” but I was not entirely happy with that name and when I asked Al’s opinion, he wasn’t either.  After a few days of thinking, I came up with “Feathering My Nest.”  I was thinking of this in the way a bird feathers the nest to make it more homey and comfortable and thought that was a good analogy.   When I asked Al his opinion, his first thought was that this phrase has a negative connotation and refers to people acquiring or gaining money in a dishonest way.  After thinking for another couple days, I still liked the title and decided to add “the right way!” to indicate the “good” way of feathering a nest.  So, even though the title is a little long this way, I like it and I’m keeping it!

Finishing was not without its problems!  When I hung the quilt up after putting on the binding the borders were too wavy for me to tolerate.  A slight “undulation” is OK – I’m not a perfectionist.  However, this was too much.  Off came the binding and the edges were gathered slightly.  I don’t know how this happened, but when I put the binding back on there still was no extra to cut off and the edges were still wavy so I had to take it off a second time and re-gather!!  Finally this resulted in the removal of about an inch and a half of binding and now the quilt hangs nicely.  There’s still a slight wave along the bottom, but it’s definitely OK and ready for the show.

Here are some pictures:


I’m working hard to finish my guild challenge quilt for 10/9.  Tomorrow I pick up Oriental Meditation #6: Evolution from Sue Foster who is machine quilting it and I will need to bind it and add a sleeve and label before the show.   All will have to be done after work hours and I have to work next weekend, so it’s going to be a little crazy.  I’ll be posting picures of both quilts as soon as I can. On top of all this, I have a 600 page book to read by 10/18 for my book group meeting!  It’s Steinbeck’s “East of Eden”.  It is written so well and the story is so compelling that I think there’s a good chance I’ll make it!

Thanks for stopping by!


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