1. Best of Show!! 2. Challenge Quilt and others in the Show 3. Making the quilts you want to make


This weekend was the annual Cocheco Quilters Guild show.  The members of my guild always do a great job with this show!  I’ve been a member since 1997 and am pretty sure I’ve had at least one quilt in each show.  This time around I had 6 if you count each of the doll quilts separately.  I just happened to finish 2 large quilts, that I’d been working on for a long time, in the same year and did the annual “challenge” as well.

I’m proud to say that “Feathering My Nest (The Right Way!)” won Best of Show!


(See previous blog posts for close-ups.)

Here is my “Challenge” quilt.  We were to make a quilt inspired by a poem and the perimeter could not be more than 100 inches.


Here is the poem that inspired the quilt:


I love the message of this poem which is that we need to, throughout our entire life, maintain the sense of awe and wonder that we naturally have as young children. The quilt top is all silk and sateen and has embroidered embellishments of silk embroidery thread.  Even though I had to fuse a thin interfacing to the silk to give it some body and keep it from ravelling, it was easy to work with and to hand quilt.  When we had our challenge contest at the guild meeting last Tuesday, my quilt was voted the best traditional quilt.  It also won a “Judge’s Choice” at the show!

Here is “Oriental Meditation #6: Evolution” as it appeared at the show:


Close-ups of the quilting:


You actually can’t see much quilting in the third picture above.  Sue Foster, who did the machine quilting, and I decided that stitch in the ditch was a good choice for the boxes; for the tops of the boxes she just quilted around the motifs.  She did a great job!!!  This quilt got a red ribbon, which I think is about right for it.  Unfortunately the finished quilt bows out fairly significantly in a couple of places in the middle when it is hanging and detracts from the beauty of the quilt.  My theory as to why this happened is that I attached the rows by hand with diamonds, on the tops of the boxes, cut on the bias and I think they stretched some or perhaps were not 100% accurately cut.  When you make a quilt with this many small pieces set at angles, it is a major task to make everything fit together properly and I wasn’t totally successful.  It is a fitting end to my struggles with this quilt and I think I will learn from it!  On a final note, at the end of the show I saw a couple of ladies searching out this quilt to vote for it for a viewer’s choice award!  It didn’t win, but the fact they liked it so much made me feel better overall about the level of success of the quilt in spite of my struggles!

Here are the “Trio of Doll Quilts” as they hung in the show:


I’ll post some pictures of some other quilts in the Cocheco show in another post.

So… what next?  I’ve made a committment to finish quilting the Baltimore Album Quilt I started in 1996. I actually have 6 of the 16 blocks in the center quilted and 2 more half done.  I’ll work on this bit by bit throughout the winter and probably into next spring.  I’ll post some pictures soon. However, I like to work on more than one project at once so need to figure out what else to make at this time.  Most likely I’ll want to do some applique and some piecing.

Are you making the quilts you want to make?  For someone like me who puts years of work into some quilts, this is an important question.  Our time on this planet is limited and it seems like a wise thing to try to make the best use of that time.  I want to be sure I am spending time making quilts that I enjoy working on and making quilts whose beauty I’ll enjoy for years to come.  I’ve started looking through patterns and pictures I’ve saved over the years for inspiration and am hoping I make the best decision re what to do.  I already have several options in mind – wish I had time to make them all!!

Perhaps by the next post I’ll have made a decision.

Thanks for stopping by!


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