What I’m Working On plus Family and Fall


Since the huge rush of getting my 3 quilts ready for the show 2 weeks ago has been over, I’ve pulled out the Baltimore Album quilt begun in 1996 and am ready to fulfill my vow of completing this thing in time for the Cocheco show next year.  In fact, unless I get too side-tracked on other projects (and there will be other projects because I can never work on just one!!) I may well be done by the end of this winter.  I have been hand quilting on it slowly but steadily since the show was over.  Here are some pictures:


Everything has been outline quilted and I’m cross-hatch quilting the backgrounds; I’m almost finished with the 8th of 16 center blocks and then there’s the border.  I haven’t yet quilted on top of any of the applique pieces – I’ll probably decide whether or not to do that (and, if so, how) after the rest is done.

I have also been going through piles of pictures of quilts for inspiration for new projects and am getting close to making some decisions.  I’ll post more about this next time.

Meanwhile, real life has been super busy.  Work has been busier than I ever remember it.  There are a number of nasty “bugs” circulating on the UNH campus and students are coming in droves for care.  I’m trying to make time for family and to enjoy fleeting fall before it passes.  Here are some pictures from last weekend when the grandkids came for an overnight visit.  The pictures include some nice fall shots of fall foliage around our house.


Here’s a good one of Dmitri and Sveta:


Some more outdoor shots.  The second one is of anemones in our garden.  These are amazing – they start to bloom in late August/early September and there are still dozens of blooms at this late date!:


Here are Dmitri and me at my kitchen table; you can see my “Bowl of Fruit” quilt on the wall behind me; it’s a great quilt for a kitchen!


Thanks for stopping by!



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