What next? – Partly solved!


Those of you following my blog know that I’ve been thinking carefully about what new project (s) to tackle, even as I continue to work on the Baltimore Album.  A couple of years ago as my sewing room was being overrun by stacks of quilting magazines, I decided to go through them all and tear out pictures of quilts I liked to keep for future inspiration.  This worked extremely well to conserve space since the pictures took up probably only a tenth of the space or less that the magazines had been occupying.  I’ve gone through the stack of pictures a few times and a few designs have made their way to the top.  Following are pictures from magazines of designs that I would like to use – not necessarily copy exactly – some time for inspiration:


Wouldn’t the above (the second is a close -up) make a glorious applique quilt?!  There’s no pattern so I would have to draft the whole thing myself from the magazine picture which would be quite a challenge!

Love this New York Beauty with the vine sashing!:


Making a “sunflower” quilt has long been on my list and I love the one below surrounded by appliqued stems and leaves:


How about the incredible center in this medallion quilt?!  I’d love to use it but with more elaborate surroundings:


And I’ve long wanted to do a version of the Susan McCord Vine quilt (the pics are from the Quilts From the Henry Ford Museum book):


Finally, I have the following 2 fabrics set next to each other and love them both.  I am thinking of making a “strippy” quilt with strips of the bird fabric alternating with strips of the tan fabric and possibly appliquing a vine and leaves vertically on the tan strips.  I could even do Susan McCord type vines though I’m envisioning the tan strips being wider than her vine stips:


So…after considering all these projects, I actually pulled out a box of about 40 paper pieced “palm leaves” that I had made 3-4 years ago – one of those “projects in waiting” that I’ve previously mentioned.  Before when I had gotten these out to look and try to decide how to proceed I had set them out on the floor because may design wall was occupied.  This time I put them up on the design wall and I tried them on point, an orientation I hadn’t tried before.  I really like the look and decided right away that I wanted to continue working on this project!  Here are a couple of pictures:


The blocks are paper-pieced.  I made up another 40 paper templates and took this project, along with my Baltimore Album quilt to a fun quilt retreat this weekend.  I joined another 17 women at The Franciscan Guest House in Kennebunkport, Maine for the retreat.  I was able to take a rare day off work on Friday, the 2nd and got the the retreat by 10:30 AM, staying until early afternoon today.  During the retreat I was able to make about another16 or 17 of the blocks and spent some time hand quilting the Baltimore Album quilt.  

So now I have a nice piecing project to work on for a while.  I would like to have an applique project as well – seems strange not to be appliqueing anything.  Perhaps I’ll try to draft the center medallion in the first applique project I showed in this post when I’m tired of hand quilting and paper-piecing; that will be quite a challenge!

Next post – pictures from the quilt retreat weekend!

Here’s a picture I meant to show in my last post (featuring family)- my husband and his “baby”!


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