Holiday Greetings; Submitting to Paducah Show

Greetings!  I feel very lucky.  It’s been a good year.  We are all basically healthy.  I am at home enjoying the holidays with my husband and son right now.  It’s the calm before the storm – tomorrow my daughter and extended family arrive and will stay for a couple of days.  The house will be full of activity and excitement with young children running about.  There’s no better way to celebrate the season.

My past few days have been complicated by the decision, at the last minute, to submit my quilt, “Feathering My Nest (The Right Way!)” to the American Quilter’s Society annual show in Paducah.  This is one of the 2 biggest shows in the US (along with the Houston International Quilt Festival).  It’s not easy to get accepted and very difficult to win anything.  I first submitted “Keeping Autumn With Me” in 2004.  (See the quilt on my web site.)  Miraculously it won a ribbon!  I next submitted “Autumn Returns” in 2008.  It was accepted but didn’t win anything.  I was thrilled just to have it accepted into the show.  This will be my third submission and of course I’m hoping it’s accepted and I would be extremely happy with just that and won’t expect to win anything.  The quality of the competition is just too good – esp. with today’s machine quilting.  I’m so glad they have categories for all hand done quilts; it doesn’t seem fair that hand and machine quilters have to compete against each other as the technical skills required are quite different.  I understand, of course, that overall design is critially important for both machine and hand quilted quilts.

In any case, the decision to submit meant I had to get the application there by January 2nd.  That meant that I had to hang my quilt and take new pictures.  We borrowed some equipment from a friend to try to get the best pictures possible.  The AQS requires a full view, a close up of the stitching, and a shot of me (I think so they can print it if I win anything).  The application had to be filled out and I had to search out some information for it.  I had to make a copy of the appraisal I had done in October for inclusion with the submission because of the high value of the quilt.  I had an expert appraise my quilt at the Cocheco Show in October and got the formal written appraisal about a month ago.  The appraised value of the quilt is $4025.00  Of course, it really is priceless and there’s no way the value reflects the hundreds of hours put into its creation.  The pictures had to be put on a CD.  All in all, several hours of work to get everything together.  If I get to the post office and get this out either Wednesday or Thursday, it should get there in time.

It’s a bit of a hassle to submit quilts to shows and the tendency is to be lazy and not do it, but I’m glad my husband encouraged me to go ahead with this one.  We’ll see what happens.  We find out in early March whether our quilts are accepted or not.  I’ll be excited if I’m in, but not one bit upset if not.  ( Less worry about the quilt getting lost on the way to or from the show!!! 🙂 ) I do not make “show quilts.”  I make quilts for myself (or loved ones) and if I think they are good enough to share will submit to shows.  I don’t rely on external acceptance for validation of my work.

So…the next few days will be spent with family and I’ll be taking a brief break from sewing.  I sincerely hope that everyone has a joyful holiday with loved ones.

Thanks for stopping by!



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