Projects update


Today feels like the first day to relax after the holiday activities.  Family stayed with us until the afternoon of 12/27.  We had our annual holiday dinner party for several friends yesterday so the 2 days after the kids left were spent shopping, cooking, and cleaning for the party last evening.  In a few scattered moments of time to relax, I made some progress with the hand quilting of the Baltimore Album.  

Today I have finally had some time to work on the Palm Leaf quilt.  I made a decision to make “half” blocks of the leaves for the sides of the quilt and to fill in the triangles across the top of the quilt with “plain” (non-pieced) pieces of fabric.  I decided to go ahead and piece together the first few diagonal rows of the upper left hand corner of the quilt to get a better sense of the size of the quilt.  This can be hard to judge before the pieces are sewn together because everything “shrinks” once the seams are sewn.  This will help me decide on the overall size I want to make it.  I believe I’m pretty close to the final size; I might need an extra row or 2 on the bottom since I am pretty sure I want the quilt to be rectangular and not square.  Here is a picture with all the blocks done so far and a close up of the upper left corner after I sewed the first 4 diagonal rows together:


Next step is to make some more of the “half” palm leaf blocks for the sides and then keep on sewing the rows together.  Then I can design a border.  I think I will want to make an applique border with leaves and am looking forward to having some hand applique to do over the next few months.  It will be nice to go back and forth between that and hand quilting the Balt. Album during the winter.

I ended up making several holiday coasters for my own family:


Though I really enjoyed making these, I’m finally done with coasters!!

Some of you readers may have followed the “Pine Ridge Quilter’s” blog posts the past few weeks to see her “25 days of Christmas” quilts.  She has been doing this for the past several years and I check out her blog to look at her selections for quilts that have a Christmas feel to them. I particularly enjoy these because she includes a number of red, green, and white quilts, especially appliqued.  These are often gorgeous.  Even though Christmas is past, I’m going to share 3 quilts from one of my favorite quilt books; these could be seen as “Christmas” or “holiday” quilts because of the red, green, and white color scheme.  I would love to own any of these beautiful quilts:

Here’s the book they are from:


I’ve been thinking about my quilting goals for the coming year.  As previously stated, I want to finish the Baltimore Album quilt.  I also need to finish a “friendship quilt” that the members of my “Durham, Lee, Madbury” quilt group have challenged each other to make.  We are all supposed to finish these for a possible exhibit at the Cocheco show in the fall.  Next post I’ll share what mine looks like so far – I worked on it quite a bit last winter and need to decide whether to add a border or not.  I’d like to make great progress on the palm leaf quilt but don’t want to pressure myself to finish it if I’m going to do a hand appliqued border – we’ll see.  And I would like to make a few more doll quilts.  I will see what the Cocheco challenge is at the January meeting and decide if I want to take that on as well – have to see if I’m inspired or not!  Over the years, I have done about half the challenges.

Happy New Year to everyone and thanks for reading my blog!!



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