Goals for 2013


My main goal for 2013 is:  ENJOY/APPRECIATE EVERY DAY!

In 10 weeks I will turn 64.  It’s astounding to me that it was 34 years ago that Al and I sang the Beatles’ song “When I’m 64” to my own mother.  At the time I was 30 and pregnant with our first child.  Our lives were about to change forever as we took on the role of parenting.  Now our daughter is 32, our son is 29, and we’re grandparents!  How did this all pass by so quickly?    The reality is that TIME – that precious commodity! – is limited.  I have much less time left than has already passed and I can’t know what health challenges I might have to deal with, even though I’m quite healthy right now.  So….I want to be mindful and enjoy and appreciate my days as much as I can.  

Most of my specific goals are related to the one above.  For example, I want to “age gracefully.” This means not wasting present moments wishing I looked younger or thinner.  That doesn’t mean I won’t do things to make myself look as good as I can for my age, but I won’t obsess about looks and I won’t have cosmetic surgery.

I want to spend plenty of time with family.  My husband is my best friend and I look forward to continued sharing of both every day activities and adventures like traveling.  The grandkids are changing by the day and I want to enjoy every stage!  I want to remain closely connected to both my own children and would like to do more with them, if possible.

I want to continue to take on new challenges at work.  I joke that I spend 60% of my time seeing patients and 60% on administrative duties :):).  In both these areas, there are always challenging situations to be dealt with.  I feel blessed to have work that is meaningful and challenging.  I feel blessed to have work at which I am constantly being presented with opportunities to perform acts of kindness.  I feel blessed to be working with a wonderful group of caring professionals who make me enjoy going to work each day.

I mentioned some quilting goals in my last post.  I am a traditional quilter, not an art quilter and I don’t see that changing  at this time.  I don’t deny that there are some very interesting, and even some stunning, art quilts being made, but my heart is drawn to making traditional quilts – at least for now.  What I really want to do is make beautiful and unique quilts with the best craftsmanship possible.  By unique I mean that I want to continue to create my own designs, albeit using traditional quilt designs for inspiration, and I want my quilts to look fresh and different and be able to hold the interest of the viewer.  I don’t just want to copy or recreate other designs.  I think I’ve been pretty successful with this approach so far.   Because time is short I want to make sure I enjoy the process and the “journey” of making each quilt and I want to make only quilts that I want to make!  From a technical standpoint, I’d like to work on improving my machine piecing and I can even see myself coming full circle and doing more hand piecing after my recent success with the hexagons.  20 years ago trying hand piecing is what almost made me give up quilting for good and now I may be coming back to it!!

Now for some pictures!

I have been working on quilting the Baltimore Album.  There are 16 blocks in the center.  The entire quilt has been outline quilted and I’ve been plugging away on cross hatching the backgrouds of each of the blocks.  I just finished #11 last week and am working on the 12th block now.

Current block (see the hera marker that I use to mark my lines?  Much better than risking pencil marks on a white background!):


This view is a little further out and the lines look a little straighter from a distance!


I have not done any quilting in the motifs – trying to decide whether to use red thread which I think would look best on the front but would show on the entirely white back or whether to use white thread in the red applique motifs just so the back is all white.  I’m leaning toward the former because I’d rather have the front look good and I’m not sure I want white threads showing in the motifs.

The block I finished cross hatching last week:


Close up of the stitching:


Here’s the Durham-Lee-Madbury group Friendship Quilt that I mentioned last post.  Each of us made 20 blocks to exchange with everyone else and we could all use the blocks any way we wanted to to create a quilt.  Here is my top so far;  The blocks exchanged are arranged along the outside.


Close up of one of the blocks; I added the embroidery to all the blocks:


Here is a close up of the center:


I don’t feel like the top is done yet.  It’s telling me it needs something more.  I think it may need an additional red border:


And I think I might put black swags along all sides of the red border…….we’ll see!

I spent time in my sewing room today adding more blocks to the palm leaf quilt – will show pictures next post – I’m almost done!  Then I have to design the border.

While in the sewing room, I couldn’t help myself and I started another doll quilt.  Well, I thought I was done with hexagons, but I’m not.  I decided to try a small size hexagon.  All previous ones were 3/4 inch.  This one the pieces are 5/8 inch – I plan to make 12 in all different fabrics and put them on a dark background with a stripe border.  Colors are all greens, golds, and rusts.  See some of the fabrics below and the pieces for one of the hexagons:


When thinking of my goals for the year recently it struck me that for the first time in a very long time I am not in the process of making a quilt with oriental fabrics.  My “Oriental Meditation” series has 6 quilts and my “Spirit of Japan” series has 2.  I have a bag full of beautiful fabrics from authentic Japanese kimonos and very much want to use these for the next “Spirit of Japan” quilt.  I’m in the process of interfacing the fabrics to give them more heft and make it so they won’t unravel so easily.  I have an idea for a design but it’s going to be tricky to make these fabrics fit together without it just being a random “mish-mash” of color and pattern.  I recently saw a picture of a quilt that featured “jars” in different fabrics and I think some sort of variation on that theme would be just right for these fabrics.  This means I need to draft the pattern.  Next post I’ll try to show some of these fabrics.

I think I have enough active quilting projects to last through this year and next, don’t you agree?!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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