1. Still playing…. 2. Haiku 2/10/13


I’ve been playing with 2 projects.  I belong to 2 quilt groups.  One is my larger local guild – the Cocheco Quilt Guild – which has more than a hundred members.  We meet monthly, have business meetings, do projects for charity, have a great annual show and bring in locally and nationally known speakers for our meetings.  The other group is the “DLM Quilters” (for the 3 adjacent towns in NH – Durham, Lee, Madbury).   We have about 20 members and meet at various members’ homes once a month.  This gathering allows for much more socializing and “show and tell.”  

The larger guild decided to have a special exhibit of the DLM group’s Friendship quilts this October. That means the pressure is on to finish the Friendship quilt by then.  I recently cut the 4 red border strips and put them up on the design wall.

Here’s the center again:



Here’s the red border on the design wall (not sewn on yet);


I cut some sample black swag pieces, thinking that might look good for a border but then decided I didn’t like the look.  Then I decided to try a rounded wavy edge for both the inner and outer edges of the border; a kind of alternative to a traditional dogtooth border.  I liked it!  Between the inner and outer edge, I could quilt an intertwined feather design or I could applique a vine with leaves:


Not sure yet what the final decision will be, but I have started to applique the dark rounded edges.

I did some more playing with Spring Sonata’s border.  I decided it might be nice to try a different type of applique vine, one not continuous.  I’ve seen several examples of this look the past several years, esp. from the Japanese quilters.  Here’s a mock up of what I’ve come up with:


And here’s the same thing from a little further back:


I have 6 of the 8 stems for one side appliqued down and the next step will be to cut some leaves and berries and start appliquing those.  I’m pleased with the look so far!!

Haiku 2/10/13

Reflections upon


Of things undone;

Life speeds



This little haiku came to me this AM.  I am in the process of moving my sewing room into a moderately larger room and I’m using this to motivate myself to go through all my quilting “stuff”, including numerous magazines, books, and fabrics.  The idea is to try to pare down and get rid of things I’m unlikely to ever use.  I would really like a much less cluttered space!! This is extremely difficult!  Also, I see all the pictures of quilts I want to make and all the fabric still unused…yet I know I’m being as productive as I can for now.

Here’s my current sewing room – converted from my daughter’s bedroom when she finally left home for good:

From left to right, panning around (it’s only about 10 1/2 feet square):






Next post I’ll show you my fabric closet.  

I feel very fortunate to have a dedicated sewing room!  For the first 8 years I carted everything into and out of the dining room when I wanted to sew.   By moving  now into one of the larger bedrooms, I am hoping for more floor space, less clutter, and a larger design wall in the room. Also, sometimes change is good and can stimulate creativity!

Thanks for stopping by!


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