A Great Day for Contemplative Savoring!


It’s been snowing all day and it’s gorgeous!!!  It’s the wetter, heavier type snow that sticks to all the trees creating a winter wonderland.   It’s not very windy and the snow falls at a not-too-fast, mesmerizing pace.  Everything, including the sky, is white.  It is wonderfully calming and it’s been hard to take my eyes off the scene outdoors all day.   Those of you who have been reading me since I started my blog last summer know that I love the phrase “contemplative savoring” from Diane Ackerman’s book, “One Hundred Names For Love.”  I live in a forest, my home has lots of windows, and I’ve been looking and “contemplating” all day.  It’s wonderfull to just let my mind wander like this!

Here are some photos but they don’t do justice to the beauty!

A shot from my kitchen window:


My deck:


One of the side yards with our crab apple tree:


A view out the front door, up our front path, and across the road:


The deck and trees in the back of the house:


The driveway and neighbor’s house:


Meanwhile, I’ve been making slow progress on my quilts.  I have almost completed the hand quilting of the 15th of 16 blocks in the Baltimore Album.  I have completed 2 doll quilt tops.  And I have made progress on the borders of the Friendship Quilt.

Here are the doll quilt tops:


I said in my last post that I would show pics of my fabric closet, but will wait til next time for that.  Good friends are due to arrive at the house any minute now with musical instruments for a fun time together.  Al and I are blessed to have many close friends who love playing music together.  Al plays the piano.  I play the accordian when I have time to practice.  Our friends will bring fiddle, autoharp, and guitar.  I enjoy playing celtic and cajun style music.  Al plays many different styles of piano.

Enjoy the rest of this lovely day and thanks for stopping by!!!!!


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