Continuation of previous post today

I inadvertently hit the “publish” button on my previous post when I intended to upload an image!  What follows is the rest of the previous post!

Here’s the picture of the stabilizer package:


I actually like using this better than freezer paper for templates for needle turn applique because it is very soft and irons on just like freezer paper.  I tend to carry around appllique and do it over a long time on borders in particular and the paper can get pretty wrinkled over time.  This stuff doesn’t; it’s very flexible and ammenable to folding.  It also just “feels” better and we quilters tend to be sensitive to the tactile nature of things.

Here are pictures of one border, onto which I basted half the leaves and berries and a close up:


And here is a picture of the back of one of the leaves after appliqueing it:


I also managed to finish hand quilting the background of the center of the Baltimore Album quilt and will start working on the borders.

Here are pictures of my fabric closet that I mentioned previously that I would share:


With doors open:


These drawers were custom built for me and though the entire thing is nailed in and very stable, the nails could eventually be removed and the whole thing moved if necessary.  The drawers are very deep and hold a lot:  Mostly each drawer holds a color, but 2 of them are 1800’s reproduction fabrics, one is Japanese style taupe fabrics, and one is solids and 30’s repro fabrics.  Here are a few examples:


All the drawers are full!!!

In addition, I use an antique cabinet that I inherited from my mother for most of my oriental style fabric:


And there are some plastic containers and baskets with other fabrics as well.  As one of my fellow quilters mentioned at our monthly gathering last night, “I’m engaged in a fabric aquisition hobby!”  The bottom line is that I probably have enough fabric to make quilts for the rest of my life already at this point.  I do find myself being more careful about what/how much fabric to buy and am making a consicous effor to use up what I have when I can.  

Thanks for stopping by!  Don’t hesitate to leave a comment; I’d love to hear from you!



One thought on “Continuation of previous post today

  1. Sally

    I love your drawers for fabric Gladi! Thanks for the tip about the stabilizer and congrats on Feathering My Nest going to AQS! That is great news. I was happy to find photos of your DLM signature quilt here – I’m still putting my version together.


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