Good news!! My quilt is juried into the AQS show!


I recently received the good news that my quilt, “Feathering My Nest (The Right Way!)” was juried into the American Quilter Society annual show in Paducah!  This is an honor and I’m proud of my accomplishment.  Just getting into the show is completely satisfying and I’m not expecting to win anything.  My quilt will be in the Hand quilted, wall hanging category (it’s size didn’t quite fit the Bed Quilt category).  I’ll likely be competing against all those wonderful Japanese hand quilters!!  Unfortunately, I’m not going to make it to the show.  Late April is a very busy time for me at work so it would be tough to take a couple days off.  It would also be a bit complicated to get there, impossible to stay closer than a half hour drive away, and cost a fair amount so I’m going to pass this year.  AQS publishes a  paperback book catalogue every year of the show quilts so I look forward to seeing the show that way this time around!

I have made some progress on the border of Spring Sonata.  I spent some time this weekend making final decisions about the size, color and placement of the leaves and berries.  I also spent time cleaning things out of the sewing room in preparation for moving the furniture.  I happened to find and unopened package of iron-on tear-away stabilizer which the package indicated could be used for applique.   I had never used it before.




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