Web site updated and more


It’s been approximately one year since my web site was created by my good friend Craig Werth and went live, so to speak.  He just did an update of the site for me.  4 quilts that I completed over the past year are now added to the gallery and there are full views as well as close-ups of each to see.  There is a link to each of the new quilts on the Home page. Craig also added some color to each of the main pages which increases their attractivenes.  I’m so lucky to be able to have a trusted friend do this work for me!!  Please take some time to go over to the web site (gladiquilts.net) and browse, at least at the newly added quilts!

Meanwhile, I have spent any “quilting time” that I’ve had over the past week appliqueing leaves to the first border of Spring Sonata.  I have made no further progress on hand quilting the Baltimore Album because I’ve just been more in the mood for applique.  The reason I have several projects going at once is so I can work on whatever I’m more in the mood for.  Here’s a shot of the full border and it is followed by 3 close-ups which show the embroidery detail I’m adding.  I have only embroidered the leaves on one of the 8 stems so, even tho almost all the leaves are on, there’s much embroidery to do before this one border strip is done.


The next quilt I’m going to share is not on my web site.  My grandson, Dmitri, loves cats so I made him a cat quilt about 1 1/2 years ago.  I hand appliqued and embroidered the cats and it was machine quilted very nicely by Linda Bevins.


Yesterday I shipped “Feathering My Nest (The Right Way!)”  off to the AQS annual show in Paducah.  It is nerve racking to ship something that valuable but I have to trust that it will get there and back OK.  I had the quilt heavily insured but obviously I’d prefer to have the quilt back and not the money!!!  I can’t wait to get the show catalogue and see all the quilts – wish I was going to be there!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by!


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