New Sewing Room and more…


I’m happy to say that my quilt “Feathering My Nest” arrived safely in Paducah last week for the AQS show.  Al and I followed it’s progress daily and breathed sighs of relief when finally there.  It’s nerve-wracking sending something so valuable in the mail, esp. when you see various reports of stolen and lost quilts.

I’ve been getting the swags on the Baltimore Album quilted, one by one, and have only 4, counting the corner ones, left to do.  Here’s a picture of almost the full top (best I can do since I don’t have a space big enough to get a full shot at this time):


Following are shots of a border swag and a corner swag from the back so you can see the stitching and can see the quilt pattern better:


I had initially been worried about how the red thread would look on the white backing fabric, but it looks fine!

As mentioned previously, I’m moving my sewing room and I’ve spent a lot of time the past few weeks working on moving things, sorting out what needs to be saved and what can be discarded, and cleaning.

Just a few weeks ago in a previous post I showed pictures of my very, very cluttered sewing room.   Now look at what that room has become!!:


We have turned it into a spare bedroom, especially for the grandkids when they come to visit.  The beds were just delivered yesterday and look wonderful in the room.  I’m so pleased!!!

The room that is now my sewing room used to be just a mish-mash of a room holding a treadmill, bookcases full of books we never looked at anymore but had never gotten around to getting rid of, and a couch that opened out into a bed and a recliner.  Nothing matched.  It was also the only room in the house with a TV.  We like to keep the TV out of the main living area so we are less tempted to put it on; we have to make a conscious decision to “retreat” in order to watch it.  The couch/bed is where the grandkids used to sleep but they are getting too big for that now.  So… I have turned the room into my new sewing room.  It’s not finished yet, but I’ve made great progress.  I’ve gained approximately an extra 30 square feet plus a closet and those additions make a big difference in how spacious it feels.  Following are several picutures:


The cutting table is much better situated in this room.  Previously much of the table was blocked by the sewing maching table and the reality was that I could only really readily access about 1/2 of one of the 4 sides.  Half the table ended up just being storage for clutter!  Now I can easily access 3 of the 4 sides and if I want to access the back side I can slide the whole table forward and do so.  That was impossible in the previous room.  In addition, I’ve made a new pressing surface (followed directions of a Sharon Schamber You Tube video) for one side of the table.  Much of my ironing fits on this surface and I don’t need to waste space by having a full ironing board set up all the time.  I do have a new full size ironing board and can set it up when I need it for larger projects.


The sewing table is to the left in the above photo and handy to the cutting and ironing area.


The above is shot of the room in the other direction (from the sewing table) and shows where I put the storage cupboard with my oriental fabrics.  The wall with the picture is where I plan to create a design wall.


Beside the cupboard is the new closet and you can see that I have almost filled it already.  Much of what is in there was stacked on the floor in full view in my previous sewing room and it feels so great to have this stuff put away in an orderly fashion and out of sight!  Al set up the very sturdy wire shelves in the closet so I could use it this way.


Above is a closer shot of the wall I’m going to use as a design wall.  I’m still working on getting the lighting right in the room.


Above is a better look at the sewing table ( I have Koala quilting furniture).  I have ordered new bookcases for the wall where you see the current old cluttered bookcase.  To the far left in the picture there is a wall perpendicular to the long one and it is just wide enough for a bookcase that will face into the room.  Once these new bookcases arrive, I hope to have space for most (?all?) of my quilting books and some of my magazines.  I also have to get some pictures on the wall.  I have a wonderful embroidery picture done by my maternal grandmother and pictures painted by my mother and needlework done by my mother to put up as well.  I love the idea of the generations of creativity being displayed in the room!


Finally, I treated myself to a beautiful Karastan rug for the room.  My previous room did not have a rug and my back would frequently be sore from standing on the hardwood floors.  This rug will help protect my back and, of course, gives the room a wonderful, more “finished” look.  I love the warm taupe look of the rug.  It inspires me to want to use my collection of taupe fabrics in a quilt some time soon!

I’ll post more pictures of the room in the future when it is more “complete.”

The “Why Quilts Matter” blog recently had an interview with Denise Schmidt who is known for her modern style quilts.  She was asked what she thinks about the future of quilting and was asked “Will traditional patterns remain an important staple of the genre or will studio art quilts gradually dominate?”  As a mostly traditional quilter, I really liked her answer.  She said, “I think that traditional patterns will always be a part of the mix.  They have been around a long time, and are a vital, living history of the medium.  To me the core and essence of the craft is that one simple geometric pattern can – in the hands of each quilter – take on an infinite number of variations.  What I love about quilting is that by nature it is open to every interpretation of the form – from beginner to expert, traditional to modern, historical reproduction to the use of patchwork in art.”

I couldn’t agree more!!!!!  

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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