1.Testing New Blog Changes! 2. Paducah follow up


I believe it has been about 3 weeks since my last blog post – the longest gap since I started this blog last June.  The reason is that Posterous, the company that I previously used for my blog, was bought out by Twitter and they are no longer in the blogging business.  So…I had to turn to my trusted friend and technology helper, Craig Werth, to help me select another company and move the old blog posts to the new site by April 30th.  We both have busy lives so it took a while, but here I am!  For now “Word Press” is our choice and this is my first  post using a somewhat different system.  I’m really writing this post to test it out and make sure it works and also to let anyone reading my blog know I’m still writing posts and have no plans to stop.  A few folks were “followers” of my previous blog and Craig is trying to figure out how I can let them know about the change.  The link to this new spot is up on my web site, too.  

I’m not sure I’m completely happy with the look of the new blog and may be looking to tweak things over the next several weeks.  I’d like to get back my picture and the link to my web site along the side margin and prefer to have the “leave a reply” at the end of the post rather than at the beginning.  Previously the pictures could be enlarged whereas now they are already large to begin with and I’m not sure I like that.  So… more changes may be coming.

Meanwhile, my quilt “Feathering My Nest” arrived home safe and sound from Paducah.  As expected, it didn’t win anything, but I continue to be happy it was in the show.  I predicted to my husband that the Japanese would win all the awards in my category (large wall quilt – hand quilted) and they did!!!  The Catalogue of the Show Quilts arrived yesterday and it’s been fun looking at the quilts from the show, even though the pictures are small and don’t do the quilts justice.  It was nice to see my quilt in there and, after looking at the others, I know it belonged, so that was a nice feeling!  Next stop for this quilt is the Vermont Quilt Festival in late June.  I’m also considering entering it in the Images show in Lowell, MA in August.

Next post I’ll test the “inserting photos” feature of the new blog and give an update of my current projects.

Thanks for stopping by!


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