May 15, 2013 1. Updates 2. What is Art? 3. Blog break


I’m still getting used to this new blog company and how to navigate the posting process.  As I mentioned in my last post, I will work on making the site much more attractive this summer, so please bear with me and keep reading in spite of the rather uninviting current look!

I am continuing to work on the Spring Sonata borders.  On the right border, the applique is done and I still have quite a bit of embroidery embellishment to do.  The second border is the left  side of the quilt and is a mirror image of the right side.  I have all the stems appliqued and need to do all the leaves and berries.


The second project I’m working on is quilting the border of the Baltimore Album quilt.  I quilted “fans” between the swags (except the corner ones) and now am cross hatching the area outside the swags.  In the picture I’ve only got one direction of the cross hatch done.


The other “project” is my new sewing room.  My new bookcases were recently delivered but I haven’t yet had time to fill the shelves.  They are real wood and I’m so glad the stain matches the stain of the Koala furniture I already had.



I still have to put up pictures on the walls, put up my design wall, and I am pretty sure I want to get new curtains.  All these will be summer projects.

I am interested in the topic of what is art and what is craft; is there a difference and does it matter in the end?  One of the blogs that I find erudite and interesting to follow is Kathy Loomis’ blog, Art With A Needle.  In a post on May 4th she quotes from an interview with the quilt artist Michael James from the book “Michael James: Art and Inspirations.”  I love his answers to the following 2 questions:

Q: Could you define the difference between art, craft, and design?

James: Art is a state, a situation that a work enters when its expressive, symbolic, metaphorical and/or decorative value assumes a communicative power that transcends its materiality.  To me craft is the process, the construction, the technical aspect of producing some object.  To a degree, design is technical also, but whereas craft is focused on the construction end of the object, design is focused on the composition – essentially, on the interweaving of the surface elements – line, color, form, shape, etc.

Q: But what is it that pushes good design and good craft into art?

James: All I can say is that there’s something intangible embodied in a work of art that has the capacity to draw emotional and psychological responses from someone who encounters it.  Most objects that are purely functional don’t have that intangible quality.

I think these are great answers to these questions!!!!  There’s a mysterious quality to art that defies definition.

By the way, The Quilt Show blog, which is the on-line presence of Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims, has a video on the site of a number of the wall quilts from the recent Paducah show and my quilt is included!  You can go to to see it.  (Not sure I am set up yet so you can click on links  –  another thing I’ll be trying to do this summer to improve my blog)  If the link doesn’t work, the blog post is from May 11th and just go to the blog site for the “The Quilt Show.”

Warning:  I may not be posting again for another month.  This semester at UNH ends on Friday and next Monday my husband and I are leaving for a 3 week road trip during which we will be driving close to 4000 miles!!  We are driving down the east coast with stops in Virginia Beach to visit family and then Charleston, SC for 3 days.  Then we are driving west to New Orleans where we’ll visit another family member and see the city for 3 days.  Then we’ll go up through Oxford, Mississippi to Nashville and to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  After that we’ll take the Blue Ridge Parkway to Washington DC where we’ll visit with more family.  Finally we’ll stop in NYC to visit our son and then come home.  It should be a great trip with lots to do and see. I’ve never been to most of these places before though I did go on a one week backpacking trip in the Smoky Mountains when I was in medical school.  That was a long time ago!!  And another good thing is that even when we get back on June 9th, I’ll be into my summer schedule at work which is highly flexible with lots of time off until we start up full services again on August 20th and the majority of students return for classes for the fall semester the following week.  June is my favorite month of the year!

I am taking the Spring Sonata borders with me on our trip to work on if I get a chance.  Hand applique and hand embroidery could be done in the early morning, in the evening, or even in the car, depending on whether I’m watching scenery or not.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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