June 14, 2013 Back from Vacation!


As per my last post, Al and I returned earlier this week from a 3 week road trip covering 4141 miles!!  This post contains a brief summary of the trip with several pictures and is an uncommon deviation for me from posting mostly about quilting.  In stolen moments in the car and in the evening I did manage to get all the applique done for the second border for the Spring Sonata quilt, but the trip was not about quilting.  In fact, I did not find a single quilt shop along the way though I admit I didn’t try hard to find one since the trip was all about having an adventure with my husband, discovering new places and sites and visiting family.  I promise that in my next post I’ll give updates on my current projects and on the status of my new sewing room.  Here goes about the trip:

We drove down the east coast to Virginia Beach to visit Al’s brother and from there explored a bit of Nags Head and then on to Charleston, SC one of our main destinations.  We had wonderful weather for the entire trip except for 2 days of rain which didn’t actually interfere with any of our plans.  The weather in the south was unusually good – actually perfect!

An example of the beautiful old homes in Charleston:


Example of a shaded alley:


Al on a bench in one of the gorgeous gardens:


I went to both the art museum and the historical museum, the latter of which had a small exhibit of early 20th century quilts along with a number of fascinating exhibits on the history of Charleston:


Then we drove to New Orleans.  Some of what we did there included visiting the famous cemetery:


I’ll have to end here and start again – I clicked on something that took me out of the format I had been using to produce this post and I can’t find a way to add pictures in this new page I’ve been taken to.  I’m still trying to learn the ins and outs of Word Press, my new blog site, so forgive me!


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