June 16, 2013 Flowers and Leaves



A blog I read is “Design, Decoration, and Craft at The Textile Blog.”  The web address is thetextileblog.blogspot.com/ and I encourage you to take a look.  Here’s a quote from a recent post that really resonated with me:

“The sheer weight of evidence to show that nature is one of the most important aspects within observational inspirations, at least in the role it plays in decoration, cannot be denied.  Our emotional affinity with flower and leaf is an important part of who we are, it also shows us that, despite our efforts to the contrary, we are still part of the whole, part of the rich diversity of life that is the natural world.  By expressing ourselves through our imitation of nature, and through that our creative individuality, we are constantly, through artists, designers, and craftspeople, re-enacting the connections with the natural world and our position deep within its multi-layers.  This constant realisation of human as nature is part of the expression to be found in textile work in particular, whether it be through printed, woven, tapestry, embroidery, quilting, knit, lace, macrame, and so on.  So, the next time you see flower or leaf expressed within a textile format, or indeed outside of that in paper, glass, wood, stone, or metal, see it as an affirmation of belonging, a form of connection with nature that is as old as our decorative history and probably as old as the human species itself.”

And, so…here are the latest pictures of my progress on my nature-inspired quilt of leaves,  Spring Sonata.  The center blocks are the old traditional “palm leaf” pattern and the borders are my own interpretation of branches with leaves and berries.  I have 2 borders appliqued and a bit of the embroidery trim done; 4 corner blocks to be designed and made and 2 more borders to do.  I need to decide if the top and bottom borders will be different or the same as the side borders.


And here is the same shot back little further to show better how I need to add the other borders and corner blocks:


A couple of close-ups:


I am quilting in the border of the Baltimore Album.  I’ve decided to first go all the way around doing the lines of the cross hatch going only one way; then the whole quilt will be stabilized enough to remove the basting stitches. Then I will go back around again quilting in the other direction to complete the cross hatch.  I’m marking about 2 feet at a time with a hera marker to avoid having to use any other type of marker that could potentially leave a permanent mark on the fabric.  I line up the 45 degree line on my ruler with the edge of the quilt and run the hera marker over the fabric, then move ahead 1/2 inch and repeat, etc.  This process works really well.  Here are a couple pictures of this – more flowers and leaves too!


In my last post I left out a couple of pictures I meant to include.  We stayed at a wonderful bed and breakfast while traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The owners, Jim and Margaret Connor were wonderfully gracious hosts and Margaret is a quilter.  All the beds have hand made quilts.  Here are pictures of the B&B and one of the quilts she made:


ImageI forgot to include a picture of our niece, Stephanie, who introduced us to a great restaurant in New Orleans, “Dick and Jennie’s” which had great southern food!  

ImageAnd, finally, I can’t resist showing a couple of pictures of my grandchildren.  

Dmitri is playing Little League baseball this year:

ImageAnd Sveta is taking dance lessons and had her recital in May:

ImageI’m so happy and lucky these delightful and beautiful kids live close enough for Al and I to participate in their lives on a regular basis!

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