June 25, 2013: One Year of Blogging!


I realized recently that it’s the one year anniversary of my blog.  I first posted in mid June of 2012 and have posted a total of 56 blog entries so far.  That’s an average of one a week.  When I decided to start this blog, I had no idea whether it was something that I would enjoy doing, whether I would lose interest, or whether I would even have any readers!  Given my past history of starting diaries and giving up after a few weeks on several occasions, I’m surprised that I’m still here doing this.  So far, so good.  My readership is small, but I do enjoy this process and plan to keep it up.  I like it as a record of my quilt activities and I like the challenge of coming up with something interesting to write about, even though I don’t always meet that challenge.  It’s also a way to occasionally slip in some family pictures and non-quilt thoughts for my “friend and family” readers who are not quilters.  For the second year, I’d like to have more readers and will explore some ways to increase my visibility.  If you are currently reading this and have suggestions on how I can improve my content and my reach, please let me know!  I’d love to hear from you.  I know I could make the site more visually “inviting” and I hope to do this soon with the addition of a header and other information to the page so I hope you stick with me!

Meanwhile, I am continuing to quilt the border of the Baltimore Album quilt and have decided the name of it is “Imperfect Beauty.”  Because I started the quilt 17 years ago when I was first learning to applique and worked on it off and on over several years, my applique technique wasn’t the best on many of the early blocks.  Yet the quilt is still very beautiful.  And isn’t this a good phrase for life itself?  Life is beautiful, but imperfect.

I decided that since the annual Cocheco Quilt Guild show is less than 4 months away, I need to take a break from the “Spring Sonata” quilt, which was never intended to be done for this year’s show, and concentrate on the quilts I’m entering.  Those are the Baltimore Album (I’m pretty close to finishing), the Durham/Lee/Madbury group Friendship Quilt, and my second “Trio of Doll Quilts (#2).”

I’m in pretty good shape with the Friendship Quilt – here is the center with the border pinned up on the design board and a couple of close-ups of the signature blocks:





I plan to send this out for machine quilting and am thinking of having feather designs in the border.  I had thought about appliqueing a vine with leaves, but that would be a lot of work and I’d prefer to spend my time on other things rather than this particular quilt.  I believe a black binding with perhaps a black and white striped piping would look nice; here’s the mock up of that:


Now I have to sew the borders on and see if I can hire someone to quilt it!

I have 2 doll quilt tops completed and this weekend I basted them to backing and batting so they are ready for hand quilting whenever I tire of quilting the Baltimore Album.  Here they are; I had a hard time getting the camera to photograph the correct color of the green/brown/red one, but this is close:



This Friday I’ll be attending the Vermont Quilt Festival.  This is always a great show and I’m truly looking forward to seeing all the quilts.  I hope to take lots of pictures to share in the next post after I return.

Thanks for stopping by!!



2 thoughts on “June 25, 2013: One Year of Blogging!

  1. Pat Campbell

    Congratulations, Gladi! both for your Best Hand Quilting Award at the VT quilt show and for your one-year anniversary of blogging! It was nice bumping into you and Al on Church St!


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