July 27,2013: Small Quilts; New Projects


I am continuing to focus on finishing my  3 projects for the Cocheco Quilt Guild Annual Show in October.  The Baltimore Album is done and the Friendshiip Quilt is out to be machine quilted.  That leaves my “Trio of Doll Quilts #2” to finish.  I’ve had 2 tops completed and ready for quilting for a while and have previously shown pictures.  I started hand quilting one of them and it shouldn’t take me long since they are small. I had to come up with an idea for the third quilt of the trio.  Here’s what I did.


I got out a large number of reproduction fabrics and started pairing up one lighter and one darker to create a number of pairs.

ImageThen I chose one of each pair for the background and one for the foreground, varying lights and darks almost equally for each role.  The background was cut 5 inches square and the foreground, 4 inches square.  I ironed a 3 inch circle template (made out of either freezer paper or my new favorite for applique, iron on (removable) stabilizer, on the 4 inch square, cut out the square, centered it on the background and appliqued it on.  I did this to make 48 pieces.  No fabric was repeated, so I used 96 different fabrics!

ImageNext, I cut down the size of each square to 4 inches and then cut the remaining square into 4 pieces.  I played with various placements for the pieces and – voila!:

ImageThen I sewed each of the circles back together:

ImageThen I sewed the rows together, auditioned and picked fabric for a border and sewed it on and – voila! -:

ImageEach circle block is 3 inches square so the quilt is about 14 X 17 inches.  Should be easy to layer and quilt it and then I’ll have my Trio of Doll Quilts completed! Here’s a close up:

ImageWhat’s really neat, though, is that when you make the blocks this way, there are enough pieces to make 4 of these quilts!  Each one is a charm quilt, with no fabrics repeated:

ImageI plan to try different borders for each of the 4 quilts.  What I really love is that with this project, I’ve really “killed 4 birds with one stone.”  What I mean is that I have one quilt for myself, one to donate to my guild’s Silent Auction fundraiser at the annual show, one quilt to use as a gift for my guild’s Yankee Swap of handmade items which is part of our annual Christmas party meeting in November, and the I can use the 4th quilt as a gift for my own DLM quilt group’s Yankee Swap at our annual Christmas Party in December!  Work is busy for me around the holidays and having these little quilts already made will reduce my stress and be gifts I can be proud of.

If you look closely in the above picture, you may be wondering what is in the upper right corner on the design wall.


This is a doll quilt that I am making with my granddaughter, Sveta!  She and Dmitri both stayed with us “at Nana and Popi’s” for a few days recently, without parents.  It was fun but takes alot of energy!  Sveta enjoys looking at stuff in my sewing room and looking at fabric and decided she wanted us to make a quilt for her doll, Rosie.  Sveta picked out the fabric, I cut strips, she arranged the strips – during which time we had a nice conversation about what colors and values looked better in which position – and I sewed the strips.  Next visit we will figure out what the back is going to be.  I’m hoping to pass my love of quilting on in this way!!

Can’t resist a picture of the grandkids when they were here:


With recent projects coming to an end, that can only mean the beginning of new projects to take their place.  Starting something new is very exciting and I love the process of choosing/creating a design and choosing the colors and fabrics.  Within the past few days I started a new project and next post I’ll show some pictures.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be finishing the doll quilts for the show and getting out Spring Sonata and making decisions about and hopefully completing the last 2 borders.  I’m hoping that this will be my main hand quilting project for this coming winter.  I’m sure I’ll do some work on the new project, too, but it would be a great project to take to my quilt group’s retreat in November if I can hold off that long!  Finally, I’d like to plan and start on a major applique project; “Feathering My Nest” took years to complete and now the only applique I’m doing is the Spring Sonata border.  I’d like to have another big applique quilt to work on and will need to give this some serious thought before starting because of the time commitment these take. 

Thanks for stopping by and I’d love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to leave a comment!









2 thoughts on “July 27,2013: Small Quilts; New Projects

  1. Victoria

    Hi, Gladi
    Found you through your comment left on Tim Latimer’s blog. Wow! what another inspiring find you are. I am in awe and reminded that if you want to truly do something bad enough you will! Curious to know what kind of hoop you do your beautiful quilting in.

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi Victoria. Thanks so much for commenting! I use a 14 inch square wooden hoop that I purchased from Keepsake Quilting in Center Harbor, NH. I’ve had it for most of the 19 years I’ve been quilting and it very sturdy and not showing any signs of wearing out. I believe the shop still carries these. Because it’s square I can quilt right up to the edges of quilts pretty easily. I love the portability of quilting with a hoop. Gladi


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