September 8, 2013: Beauty and Emotion in Art


I currently have subscriptions to two art magazines, both of which are full of wonderful artwork to look at and interesting commentary and interviews to ponder.  Looking at paintings is inspiring and has the potential to influence those of us working with textiles in terms of use of color and composition.  These magazines are:



In this month’s issue of Art Collector, there is a feature on Andre Balyon who is quoted as saying, “I believe the meaning of art is not as complicated as some scholars make it out to be.  The fundamental value, goal, and purpose of an artwork is to awaken an emotion, be it love, pleasure or even an adversity such as hate or pain.  It is the developed skill and ability of the artist that turns it into a conversation or discussion with the intuitive, open mind of the viewer.”

Another artist, David Cheifetz says, “Beauty for beauty’s sake is what currently inspires me, so my approach is simple.  My primary goal for each painting is to make something that is aesthetically pleasing, visually accessible in itself….I am less concerned with creating a story or narrative.  That can emerge later in each viewer’s unique perception.”

I like the point of view of these two artists.  I especially like that they both count of the viewers to be active, rather than passive, participants and to be open to the possibility that the artwork will touch them personally.  I think the best quilts are capable of doing this too.

Meanwhile, this weekend I have almost completed the second of the “charmed circles” doll quilts.  Here it is in the hoop being hand quilted:


These don’t take long to quilt because thy are small.  I have to decide if I am going to keep this one and donate the one with the red border to my guild for its silent auction fund raiser or vice versa.  Right now I’m leaning toward keeping this one with the gold border.

I am also continuing to paper piece fans one by one:


And I have started to applique some more leaves for Spring Sonata.  Here is one last picture of Spring Sonata with the 4 borders up on the design wall.  I will probably take this down soon so I can put the fans up there for Spirit of Japan #3 and start looking at background and sashing fabrics for that piece.  Most likely I won’t post another picture of Spring Sonata until the applique and embellishments of the 4 borders are complete.  My goal is to have the top together to hand quilt this winter – we’ll see!!



If you look at the upper border, far left side, you can see a bird I cut out and stuck there just to see if I would like it.  I do and plan to add a few more after the borders are attached!  Here’s a close up:


I am thoroughly enjoying working in my new sewing space!  Everything is spaced nicely and so much more accessible and less crowded and cluttered.  I didn’t get that much total additional space but the location of everything is so much better and the new curtains, rug, and bookshelves make the space so much more pleasant.  Well worth all the effort it took!

My quilt “Feathering My Nest (The Right Way) was accepted into a Faculty and Staff Arts and Crafts show at the University (of New Hampshire, where I work) which opens this coming Friday.  It will be on display at the museum in the library for 3 months.  It’s a nice honor to be selected for the show – perhaps I’ll have some pictures from the opening in my next post.

Thanks for stopping by!!


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