September 16, 2013: Time to Play!


I have completed the second of my little circle doll quilts:



I decided to donate the one with the red border to the Cocheco Guild Silent Auction and keep this one with the gold border for my own collection.

With that task out of the way, I took “Spring Sonata” off the design wall and put up completed fan sections for Spirit of Japan #3.  This is one of the aspects making a quilt that I love the most – studying the design and filling in the spaces with what looks aesthetically pleasing.  This is play!!!  It’s a bit disconcerting to see these fan sections on the white background of the design wall, knowing the background will be filled in eventually with color, but I hope you enjoy sharing the creative process with me over the next few months. 

Here is the first step:



I only have 12 of 16 of the “wheels” done.  There are 4 more to be added in another row.  In fact, I’m now trying to decide whether I should have a 5th row with a total of 20 wheels – will consider that more when the next 4 are done and up.

I cut some strips to start filling in some of the sashing to get a better idea of how this will look:



And here is a closer view of the ones with the sashing strips:



Keep in mind that these fan sections are not cut down to size yet and the sashing strips are just for practice.  All of this is playing!!  I will no doubt be moving sections around to try to better balance colors and I will spend a lot of time trying to decide what color background pieces and inner wheel pieces go where.  Again, I hope you will enjoy this process with me as I move along.  After seeing this on the design wall, I am thinking that I will call this piece, “Spirit of Japan #3: The Wheel.”  The pattern is “wagon wheel” but I’m thinking of it more like the wheel as a Buddhist symbol.  The wheel is a circle which is a “perfect” form and is also a symbol for the 8 fold path to enlightenment.  I like the Buddhist connection since almost all the fabrics in this quilt will be authentic Japanese fabrics, at least one of which is antique.

I wrote a blog post several months ago about the importance of play, especially for adults because we tend to forget that we need it.  Quilting for me is play!  

On Saturday I had a chance to watch and join in play with my grandkids and Abigail, my daughter’s partner’s daughter.  We spent the afternoon walking around Salem, MA, a fun place because of the incredible history and also fun for the kids because of the witch and Halloween connection.  Part of the afternoon involved playing in a park near the city center.  Sveta, Dmitri, and Abigail played in a pile of leaves for at least a half hour!!  It’s wonderful that they could enjoy something natural like that for so long!  They had a ball burying each other under piles of leaves and collecting them to take home.



The opening of the Faculty and Staff Arts and Crafts show at the University of New Hampshire was Friday evening.  There were many lovely works of art.  My quilt was wonderfully displayed.  Unfortunately I didn’t get pictures but the exhibit is up for 3 months so I will get back there and get some pictures to post soon.

Thanks for stopping by!



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