October 17, 2013: “Viewer’s Choice” Award


An artist’s blog I enjoy very much for its intellectual commentary is “Slow Muse.”   A recent post quoted a poem with the line, “…art is worthless unless it plants a measure of splendor in people’s hearts.”  She goes on to say, “What is splendid is personal and specific to every individual.  But it is also a concept that is wide, expansive, and limitless.  As an artist I revel in those moments when my work brings a measure of something like splendor to someone else.  And at the very same time, I long for that transcendent pleasure of splendor coming to me by way of other artists, writers, musicians, performers.”

At the Cocheco Quilt Show this past weekend, “Imperfect Beauty” won a viewer’s choice ribbon, meaning that it was voted a favorite quilt by a majority of the show attendees!  I think this award is special because it means my quilt may have “brought a measure of splendor” to viewers who enjoyed seeing it at the show!  What a nice feeling!

Here is a full view and some close-ups of the quilt at the show:







What a great show our guild puts on every year!  There is so much variety and talent.  Year after year our members step up to the plate, volunteer to help, and put on the best show around.

I had hoped to show many more quilts from the show in this post, but my computer is hiccuping and won’t download any more pictures right now.  I will try again later to show the Friendship Quilts from my DLM group and some of the other quilts in the show from my DLM friends.

Thanks for stopping by!





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