October 19, 2013: Cocheco Show Quilts


I’m going to try again to post photos from the Cocheco Show.  Here is my DLM Friendship Quilt at the show:

10 17 CS FQ#1

10 17 CS FQ#2

The above is the friendship quilt made by Maureen Smith.  What a creative way to display the signature blocks!!  Below is a closeup.

10 17 CS FQ#3

10 17 CS FQ#4

This one is by Jean Irvine and is hand quilted.

10 17 CS FQ#5

10 17 CS FQ#6

This one is by Katherine Theall and she hand quilted it and added Sashico stitching:

10 17 CS FQ#7

10 17 CS FQ#8

This one is by Nancy Starks-Cheney.  Her quilt has special meaning for me because she includes pictures of when we went to Japan together in 2010 to attend the Tokyo International Quilt Festival and also saw some other wonderful sights on our tour.  One of the closeup pics is of us on the bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto together.  What a great trip that was!

10 17 CS FQ #9

10 17 CS FQ#10

10 17 CS FQ#11

And this one is by Rosemary Masciolik – very clever!   I very much regret that I forgot to get a picture of Linda Clark’s quilt.

I am still having some computer trouble so am unable to finish this post.  I hope to have things functioning normally soon and I do have more pictures from the show.  But this is all for now!  Thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “October 19, 2013: Cocheco Show Quilts

  1. Karen Estabrook

    Hi Gladi! Congrats on your newest quilting award. Kait and her husband recommended your site to me and Derek is using it to inspire him to quilt. He finds it very relaxing! Is the spring quilt a sequel to “Keeping Autumn With Me”? Love your work and have seen how much times goes into every square inch! Take care, Karen Estabrook

    1. gladiporsche Post author

      Hi Karen. Great to hear from you! Thanks for the compliments and I’m glad to hear Derek is inspired. There are some excellent male quilters out there. Have him check out Tim Latimer’s blog for starters. Re the “Spring” quilt, I don’t think of it as a “sequel”, rather perhaps one of a series of quilts I’d like to eventually make, at least one celebrating each of the seasons. I hope you are enjoying your new job and finding time for painting. Also – go Red Sox!!!


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