November 11, 2013: 1. Red Sox – World Series Champions! 2. Quilt Retreat and project progress 3. Cocheco show pictures


So much has been happening!  First, I am still basking in the glow of the Red Sox world series championship!  I have been a baseball fan since I was 15 years old.  For the first 20 years my loyalties moved when I did.  I started out as a Mets fan in the 1960’s, then became a Pittsburgh Pirates fan when I lived there in the later 1970’s.  Then we moved to NH in 1984 and in 1986 I became a Red Sox fan.  Of course, they broke my heart that year but have made up for it in the past decade.  This one was sweet because it was so unexpected.

In 2005 my guild challenge was to make a quilt “celebrating” something so I made a quilt celebrating both the birth of my first grandchild and the Red Sox first World Series victory in 86 years.  I used the “grandmother’s fan” motif celebrating being a Red Sox “fan” and becoming a grandmother.  There is a medallion center in the shape of a baseball diamond:

11:11 Gfan#1


Here is a close up of the label:

11:11 Gfan#2


I don’t think I’ll be making another baseball related quilt, but that one was fun to do.  I’ll leave those to Rosemary Braun – she has made a number of phenomenal baseball, and specifically Red Sox, themed quilts and I’m sure you can google her name to see some of them.  Not sure if she has a web site.

I indulged going to, for a second year in a row, my DLM quilters’ group’s retreat at the Franciscan House in Kennebunkport, ME the first weekend in November.  Actually I drove up early Friday AM and stayed until Sunday afternoon.  What fun!!  And I accomplished quite a bit too.  I worked on quilting one of the doll quilts – had to be done by 11/19 for the guild holiday party gift exchange.  I also worked on my Spirit of Japan quilt – no deadline, I just felt like it!  I should have spent time embroidering leaves for “Spring Sonata” but wasn’t in the mood for that.

Here are some pics from the retreat:

11:11 Ret #1


That’s a shot of the fabulous, high ceiling, spacious room we had.  Lots of light, great table set ups and they provide several ironing boards, irons and design walls as well as great individual lighting for every person at the tables.  We had 3 table with 6 folks at each and we all had plenty of space.

11:11 Ret#2


Here’s Jeanne; I sat just to her right.  We were the only 2 who didn’t bring machines and devoted ourselves completely to hand work.

11:11 Ret#3


Jeanne pieced all those lovely kaleidoscope blocks by hand!!

11:11 Ret#4


Here is my “Spirit of Japan – The Wheel” quilt.  I worked on cutting out background pieces and hand sewing the central sections of the wheels to the outer spokes.  I will not be sewing any of the wheels to the backgrounds until I play with the arrangement in much more detail.  Also, the  “sashing” pieces, cutting the wheels into 4 sections, are just pinned for now – also need to study placement and color much more.  However, it was really nice to make progress on this!!

11:11 Ret#5


Here is Jeanne Kearny’s “round robin” project.  She was lamenting that the quilt is too green for her and we started to call it the green monster!

11:11 Ret#6


Here are Nancy and Pat hard at work!

11:11 Ret#7


And here is Theresa putting pieces on the design board.   I highly recommend retreats like this. It’s wonderful to spend “intense” time with friends, while doing something really fun.  What a great break from the stress of work for me!

I haven’t had time to share much from the Cocheco Annual Quilt Show, which was a month ago already!  Today I’ll share some pictures and will try to share others in future posts.

11:11 Cshow GlStar


This is the fabulous Glacier Star by Nancy Starks-Cheyney.  Her fabric selection and piecing skills were both absolutely wonderful.  It was quilted beautifully by Janet Lee Santeusanio.

11:11 Cshow Havr mod


This is a perfect “modern” style quilt by Havrilla Stevens.   She long-arm quilted it herself and did a masterful job!  Below is a close-up.

11:11 Cshow Havr mod close


Don’t you love the wood grain quilting!

11:11 Cshow Maur circle


This is a Judy Niemeyer pattern beautifully made by Maureen Smith as a table topper for a circular table she has.  Here’s a close up:

11:11 Cshow Maur close


And here is a Blooming 9-Patch by Pat Craig that she worked on at the quilt retreat in 2012:

11:11 Cshow Pat's Bl9patch


I have more quilts from the show to share in a future post.

Since getting home from the retreat just over a week ago, I put the Spirit of Japan- The Wheel quilt back on my own design wall and complete a couple more of the fans.  Here’s the latest picture, however I’m sure the layout is not what it will be yet in the end – much more “playing” with positioning of pieces to do first.  At the retreat, I had indigo blocks in the very center and have switched those out for dark tan and am studying that look for a while.  I think I like the lighter center better:

11:11 SOJ at home


Here are the doll quilts for my 2 gift exchanges, one completed and the other being quilted:

11:11 DQ#2


And a close up of the completed one:

11:11 DQ#1


Thanks for stopping by and I’d love to hear from you!!


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