November 24, 2013: Quilting Update


I don’t have much new quilting to share because my life has been filled with non-quilting things.  Here’s what I’ve accomplished the past couple weeks in my “quilting” life.

I completed the final of the 4 “Charmed Circles” quilts that I started this summer.  The third one went to a new owner at the Cocheco Quilt Guild’s Yankee Swap last week.  Here is the last one:

11 24 Doll quilt#4


This one will be exchanged at another yankee swap at the DLM holiday party next week.  Then I can turn my attention to considering designs for “Trio of Doll Quilts #3”, i.e. another set of 3 more doll quilts for next year.

I completed the final set of sections for the wheels for the Spirit of Japan quilt.  Each of the 16 wheels now has 4 fans with center pieces.  Here’s the lower right corner:

11 24 SOJ


Next step is to take all the parts down and rearrange the circles and background pieces into the most aesthetically pleasing positions.  Once I make those decisions, I will start to applique each quarter fan onto the background.  Since each of the 16 wheels has 4 parts, I will have 64 of those to do.  That will probably take most of the winter since other projects will be a priority.

Speaking of priorities, Spring Sonata is back to getting most of my attention.  I am embroidering veins on all the leaves; I have 1 1/2 of the 4 sides done.

11 24 Spring S#1


Click on the pictures to see close-ups.  The next picture is a better representation of the richness of the colors:

11 24 SpringS  #2


11 24 SpringS #3


The middle picture above more accurately shows that the berries are purple, not blue and the background is a rich gold.  The embroidery shows better in the other pictures.  I hope to finish the embroidery about a month from now and then during my vacation in late December and January, I hope to get the corner blocks done and put the top together so I can start quilting!  I have no idea if this is a reasonable plan or not given all the holiday activities I’ll probably be involved in!

In a previous post I showed a doll quilt that my granddaughter Sveta chose and arranged the fabrics for.  It’s my job to quilt and bind it.   It’s only about 20 inches square.  Recently I found time to pin the layers together in preparation for machine quilting with the walking foot:

11 24 Sveta's quilt

Here are just a few more quilts from the Cocheco Show last month.  Betty Jo Quinn is one of the guild’s most talented members.  She creates wonderful realistic pictures in her quilts.  Here are 2 wonderful blue ribbon winners from the show:

11 24 CochShow#1


11 24 CochShow#2


There was a really fun exhibit of Halloween quilts at that show.  What a good idea!

11 24 CochShow#3


I’m looking forward to having family here for Thanksgiving and to having a few days off work, starting Wednesday.  I don’t think I’ll be getting much sewing done.  I am thankful for so very much – my good health, my husband and family, my challenging and rewarding work, good friends, quilting, and so much more.  I try to enjoy and cherish each day.  I wish all my readers a lovely holiday this week.

To end this post, a picture of Dmitri, my grandson, with the Bearded Dragon lizard he got for his birthday:

11 24 Dmitri and lizard


Thanks for stopping by!




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