December 9, 2013: “Spirit of Japan” decisions and more…



Since last posting, I studied my “Spirit of Japan” quilt and made my final decisions about where the wheels and the background pieces were going.  I had to make sure the distribution of color was pleasing, especially the lighter blue which there isn’t much of.  I also had to try to separate fabrics I used more than once so they wouldn’t be right next to each other.  Here is my final placement (without the sashing – that part can be determined later);

(Remember to click on pictures for enlarged and closer views if you want.)

12 8 SOJ final positions#1


Then I numbered each of the 16 wheels in rows from right to left, top to bottom from 1 through 16 and labeled each of the 4 sections  of each wheel UL for upper left, UR for upper right, LL for lower left and LR for lower right and pinned the wheel sections onto the appropriate background square.

12 8 SOJ final pos#2


12 8 SOJ finalpos#3


12 8 SOJ finalpos#5


12 8 finalpos#6


Then I put the sections of each wheel into a baggie and now have 16 baggies, each with 4 wheel sections pinned to their appropriate background pieces.  When I have time (!!!) I will begin to applique each wheel section to the background piece by hand.  A winter project for sure, but a nice portable one!

12 8 finalpos#7

Since the Spirit of Japan is now off the design wall, I put Spring Sonata back up.  I look at it regularly as I go into and out of the room, hoping to be inspired by a design idea for the 4 corner pieces.  I think I want the background of the blocks to be dark green in contrast to the gold borders.   Would a gold star design look good on that background?  Would 4 “crossed” diagonal gold leaves look good?  How about a small, thin wreath with some leaves?   I also know I want to scatter a few folk art birds in a few places.  I’m hoping to make the corner blocks before mid January so I can sew the top together and get started with the quilting.  I have the embroidery completed on 2 1/2 borders.  Plugging along…

12 8 SS back on the wall


I decided to make a holiday table runner for my kitchen table out of a lovely piece of fabric I bought about 15 years ago!!!  I have only a half yard of it and hadn’t found a use for it until now.  This is the best thing about having a big collection of fabrics to choose from.  I can be inspired to make something and start on it right away.  Here’s the fabric:

12 8 Table Runner#1


I’m simply using the 17 1/2 inch by 44 inch piece of fabric and quilting it by machine with cross hatching.  It’s easy and I’m almost done with the quilting already!

12 8 Table Runner#2


Very hard to get an accurate photo with the color black!  The first picture is best.  The fabric is a beautiful, unusual combination of red and purple.  Should look nice on the table for the holiday!

Yesterday I went with my daughter and granddaughter, Sveta, to a local, but wonderfully danced and visually lovely production of The Nutcracker.  I first took my daughter to The Nutcracker when she was 5 and she started dance classes shortly after that.  For many years she danced various roles every year in the Nutcracker so I was very very involved in going to practices with her and seeing the show many times.  I loved every minute of it!  It was just wonderful to take Sveta and see her reaction to the beauty and the magic that is the hallmark of this work of art.

12 8 Nutcracker and Sveta


My grandson Dmitri had a choice of either coming with us to The Nutcracker or staying home with Poppi and helping set up the electric Lionel trains that my husband still has from his youth and which still work!  He chose the latter!

12 8 Dmitri


Here he is in front of the tree which I had just started to decorate.

I’m looking forward to a nice break from work starting next week.  I should have more time for quilt projects and might be able to blog more often for a few weeks!  I am trying to enjoy the season and cherish each day.

Thanks for stopping by!!



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