1. Design dilemma solved 2. Winter vacation


I finally solved the dilemma of what to do with the corners of Spring Sonata!  I pieced 2 small compasses for the 2 upper corners and pinned them up on the design wall on “spring” green colored background fabric to see how they look.  I pinned a couple pieces of the narrow green border up to set off the corner pieces.   I like them!  I tried different colored backgrounds but this is what I like best.  The pieces are only pinned together and aren’t arranged perfectly, but you get the idea:   (click on pics to enlarge)

12 18 SScorner#1


12 18 SScorner#2


I’m plugging away at the embroidery on the leaves and am now on the 4th and last border:

12 18 SSborder


I’m enjoying a much needed vacation from work over the holidays.  Besides working on Spring Sonata, I’m doing some other things I enjoy.  I love to read and have 4 books in my pile, 3 of which I’m actively reading.   Both my husband and I are reading:

12 18 Reading Goldfinch


This book made the  NY Times 10 best books of the year list.  So far it is great story telling, well written!!  It’s been compared to a Dickens work in terms of style and complexity; I’m just getting started.  I’m also reading for my next book group meeting:

12 18 Reading TEgan


This is about Edward Curtis who is famous for his iconic pictures of native americans taken at the turn of the 20th century just as their way of life was disappearing.  Here is an example of one of his pictures which captures the dignity of the subject as well as the sadness re what is happening to his people:

12 18 Read TE picture


This is a very good book and the third I’ve read by Timothy Egan.  I strongly recommend “The Worst Hard Time” about the dust bowl during the depression – one of the best nonfiction books I’ve read!!!   My book group also read “The Big Burn” by Egan, about a huge forest fire in Idaho which ultimately cause the national forest service to be created – great story telling yet true! As soon as I have completed the above 2 books I’ll be reading a gift from Pat at work:

12 18 Read (Pat's gift)


And finally, I am reading:

12 18 France book


I’m excited!!  Al and I have reserved an apartment in Paris for the first week in June and then we are renting a car and driving to the southwestern part of France for 10 days!  This book will help us plan those 10 days.  Planning and looking forward to this trip will help get us through the winter!

Another thing I’m doing during this vacation is playing my accordian!.  Not sure I have mentioned in this blog that I play the accordian and am actually in an amateur group called “Quatro Formaggio” with my husband who plays the piano and 2 of our best friends, Craig who plays violin and Liz who plays autoharp.  We are having great fun playing waltzes:

12 18 Accordian


12 18 Waltz book


I love vacationing at home, quilting, reading, and practicing my music.  Also looking forward to hosting family next week for the holiday and hosting our yearly holiday dinner party for our closest friends the following week.  I worked very hard from August until now and deserve to enjoy this time off!!

Wishing my readers joy for the holidays!  Thanks for visiting!


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