March 10, 2014: 1. New Thread 2. Borders 3. Eye Candy from Boston MFA


I continue to slowly hand quilt Spring Sonata.  It’s a pleasure and is like meditating.

31014 SS quilting


I mentioned in a previous post that Gutermann Silk Thread is my favorite thread for hand quilting.  It is strong and it glides through the fabric with almost no drag (and does not need to be waxed or coated with any products!)  It’s pricey ($3.95 per spool of 110 meters) but worth it!!  My local JoAnn’s carries several of the basic colors but doesn’t carry anywhere near all available colors so I recently looked for it on line and found the full range at Red Rock Threads and ordered 20 spools of greens, purples, and browns so that I would have a full range of colors to choose from for this quilt.  I highly recommend this site if you are looking for thread as they have an incredible selection of almost every brand of thread and the service was great.  I feel certain I’ll be ordering from them again.  Here’s what I got:

31014 Silk Threads


I recently completed 2 more blocks (without the stitching around the leaves) for Sveta’s quilt and plan to spend some time this week getting more of these done:

31014 Svta#1


31014 Svta#2


Spirit of Japan #3  (see previous posts for pictures) is completely sewn together and I’ve been looking at it every day thinking about what to do for a border.  Interestingly, I just read some things about borders on modern quilts.  It was mentioned that often modern quilts don’t have borders because adding a border often makes a design static and confined.  Sometimes it is more dynamic for a particular design not to have a border.  I hadn’t thought about this before, but it makes sense.  Many of my quilts are very symmetrical and look good with borders.  I try to make the border an integral part of the quilt, not just an afterthought.  For Spirt of Japan #3, I am now leaning toward adding some sort of border across the top and bottom, but not the sides.  I think the quilt needs to be rectangular, not square.  And I think adding only top and bottom borders – such as a scroll might have – would be more “Asian” and in keeping with the theme.  I’d love to hear from you if you have any thoughts about this!

I was treated by my husband to a wonderful day in Boston yesterday for my birthday.  We went  to the Museum of Fine Arts for the day and I had a visual feast!  We enjoyed a lovely lunch at the museum’s cafe and then later Al took me out to a great dinner at a French bistro on Newbury Street called La Voile.  We stayed overnight so we didn’t have to drive home late at night, had a leisurely breakfast in Boston this AM and then drove home.  My kind of birthday present!!!

Here is some eye candy from the museum.  Lots of wonderful inspiration!!!

This was the only quilt in the early American crafts section, but it’s a beauty!!  I’m showing the full view and several closeups (color was unfortunately slightly distorted in some spots because of the glass in front of the quilt):  (click on pics for nice enlargements)

31014 MFA#1quilt


31014 MFA#2quilt


31014 MFA#3quilting close


31014 MFA#4quilt


31014 MFA#5 quilt


Now for some of the paintings I liked: (Bierstadt, Heade, Lane, and other great landscape painters plus a couple others)

31014 mfa#1


31014 mfa#3 bierstadt


31014 mfa#4Mt


31014 mfa#5 seaview, heade


31014 mfa#6Bharbor


31014 mfa#7 headeflowers


The one below looks like it could be a pictorial quilt!



31014 mfa#8 winterstorm


I love being able to examine the brushstrokes up close like in the picture below:


31014 mfa#11brushstrokes


There was some gorgeous silver and metal work.  Love the design on this pot:

31014 mfa#9pot


Beautiful tiffany stained glass was on exhibit as well:

31014 mfa#10stglass


Thanks for stopping by!



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