March 25, 2014: 1. Border dilemma solved 2. More NEQM exhibit quilts


After several days of looking at the border fabric I thought I had settled on for Spirit of Japan, I felt that it was truly too dark and that I needed to look for other options.  Al and I drove to Henniker, NH on Saturday to a wonderful quilt shop called Quilted Threads.  This is a great all around shop but, in particular, it has a section of authentic Japanese fabrics.  This is the only shop even remotely close by that has a decent selection of these and it’s an hour away.  It turned out to be a great decision to go as I found an excellent fabric for the border and also bought enough to do the entire back out of this as well:

32514 soj border1

And here is close-up of the fabric:

32514 soj borderfab2

This fabric is beautiful and distinctive!  It would make a gorgeous jacket if I were making clothes!!  Now I’m excited to get the borders on and start quilting.  Then I’ll have 2 hand quilting projects going at once which could make it harder to get Spring Sonata done by October.  I’m working on that whenever I can grab a few free moments”:

32514 SS quilting

Here are 3 more quilts from the wonderful exhibit of Japanese quilts at the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell.  Don’t forget to click on the pictures for really nice close-ups.  The first one is a lovely hand appliqued and hand quilted piece:

32514 neqm#1

Here are some close-ups of the wonderful hand workmanship:

32514 neqm#1a

32514 neqm #1b

32514 neqm#1c

32514 neqm #1d


The next one is more modern in design.  I’ve actually seen pictures of this in a magazine but one could only see the overall design and not the incredible detail of the quilting and how she had some seams on the outside of the quilt and frayed them for a very interesting effect.  This was a great quilt to see up close in person and I’m showing several pictures that I hope give you an idea of how interesting this quilt is:

32514 neqm #2

32514 neqm #2a

32514 neqm #2b

32514 neqm #2c

32514 neqm #2d

32514 neqm #2e

32514 neqm #2g32514 neqm #2f

I am a serious lover of leaves and use leaf designs a lot in my own quilts.  This next quilt makes wonderful use of leaf designs:

32514 neqm #3

32514 neqm #3a

32514 neqm #3b

32514 neqm #3c

I have pictures of several more quilts from the exhibit which I will show in future posts.  I believe the exhibit ends in mid April and highly advise you to see it if you can get to Lowell, MA.

All the quilts I’ve shown in this post have lots of color.  I’m so looking forward to the greening and coloring of the landscape coming in the next couple months.  Goodbye soon to white, gray and drab brown!

Thanks for visiting!


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