April 1, 2014: Quilt Construction Processes


I love the process of making a quilt as much as I love the final product – probably more!!  I usually have several projects using different types of construction going at once so that at any given time I can choose to work with the process I’m most feeling like doing.  Right now I’m in the unusual situation of having 2 large projects in the hand quilting stage at once.  The only other projects I’m working on are my granddaughter’s quilt (all machine piecing and stitching) and small doll quilts.

I am experiencing a significant urge to start  a new major applique project so I can do some serious applique!!  The last time I was working on the applique part of a major project (Feathering My Nest) was 2 1/2 years ago.   I also very much enjoy the paper piecing process and the accuracy it provides.  I used that technique for the fan sections of Spirit of Japan last summer.  Now I want to work on another project using that technique.  So… I have spent some time over the past week thinking a lot about what projects I might want to do featuring these techniques.

I have had 3 yards of the following beautiful Moda fabric for several years and want to use it as a border:

4114 border #1


I have several yards of this fabric that I could use for the background of the center of the quilt:

4114 border#2

I could go for a center fabric that is a bit darker and with a less prominent design:

4114 border#3

I’m going to make applique blocks for the center and have been thinking about perhaps doing something with oak leaves, e.g like this block from a Jeanna Kimball book, but would love to design my own block if I can:

4114 border #4(center idea)

Or I may do a different applique design – am looking at lots for inspiration.  How I would arrange the blocks and how many to make would evolve over time.  I like to not plan my quilts too thoroughly and leave room for serendipity.  Working in the block format fits my lifestyle right now of doing a block at a time and being able to take it places to work on it.  You can be sure I will keep you posted as this project morphs from idea to reality!  Let me know if you have an opinion about the fabric for the center!

For a paper piecing project, I have these lovely authentic Japanese fabrics, though they are very different from the authentic indigo fabrics used in Spirit of Japan:

4114 piecing project

Love the idea of the red for a background.  Am thinking about what design to create.  Also could use dupioni silk fabrics instead for paper piecing as I have a box full of those in really nice colors….

Meanwhile, I am steadily making progress on Spring Sonata:

4114 SS closeup

Finally, here is another quilt from the New England Quilt Museum exhibit.  (click on the pictures for nice closeups!!) Exquisite piecing and use of color and fabric!  There is a combination of cotton and silk fabric:

4114 neqm #1


4114 neqm #24114 neqm #3

4114 neqm #4

4114 neqm #5

4114 neqm #6


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