April 16, 2014: Slow Progress


This is a very busy time for me so I am not making much progress with my quilting projects.   Work is very busy, family is taking some time (birthdays, Easter), and I am also performing in a concert of amateur musicians on May 9th with my group, Quatro Formaggio so am trying to practice the accordian regularly.

Nevertheless, hand quilting is very relaxing for me and I tend to spend a little time on it almost every day, especially in the evening when I am trying to unwind.  I have managed to complete the quilting on a few more blocks.  One of them that I just did had the fabric in it that inspired my color choices.  I only had a fat quarter of it so it only appears in 3 blocks but it inspired the entire quilt!  It’s the purple, brown, and green leaf print:

41614 SS#1

Here’s another block with it (not yet quilted):

41614 SS#2

Then, after I made several blocks, I realized that these were the colors in my yard in spring, thus the name Spring Sonata for the quilt.  Finally I am starting to see some of that color!!  Here’s what was in my yard this weekend!:

41614 Crocus#1

41614 Crocus#2

Here’s what the perennial garden in front of the house looks like right now:

41614 front yard

Over the next 2 months this is all going to miraculously fill in with green and color, much of it purple.  So nice to be working on the quilt and seeing the colors outdoors!

I found a few minutes to applique 4 of the little pieces for the next doll quilt:

41614 doll quilt

These will be trimmed down eventually and sewn together so it looks like they form a circle.  This might be hard to imagine right now, but stay tuned!

I did not find any time to do any more work on the newly planned large applique project as described in my last post.  I am actually having some second thoughts as to whether a variety of Baltimore style blocks is the right thing to go with this border fabric.  The bird border fabric I showed in my last post was my originally planned border for the “Feathering My Nest” quilt and when the center was done, that border was not at all right with it.  I’m concerned that perhaps this border needs a sedate, more graphic center, perhaps less busy.  So… more thinking on this before I starting cutting and sewing.

I did manage to finish the applique trim on the last of the 15 blocks I have sewn together for Sveta’s sateen quilt:

41614 Sveta's Q

I have 15 more of these blocks to make before sewing them together with sashing and planning a border.  I don’t see this happening before the summer.

I haven’t touched Spirit of Japan for a while.  I just need to sew on the top and bottom borders and then am thinking about sending it out for basting rather than trying to do that myself after my misadventure with basting Spring Sonata!

Very slowly making progress on most things…….. Big projects get done little by little…..

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