May 14, 2014: What I’m Up To


I have not managed to get much sewing done in the past week, nor am I likely to get much done over the next few weeks either.   I spent much of last week practicing for my music group’s performance at the Salmon Falls River Friends of Music annual concert last Friday night.  Here we are practicing:

51414 Formaggi

Liz Werth, on the autoharp, has her back to the camera.  Cynthia Chattis is on the flute, Al (my husband!) on the piano and Craig Werth is on violin.  You can see my accordian in the foreground.  We used to call our group “Quatro Formaggio” (The 4 Cheeses!) but we recently added Cynthia on flute and penny whistle so we are changing our name to “Partita di Formaggi” or “batch of cheeses”!  I tried to have some pictures taken of us performing at the concert but the pictures came out too dark to be any good.  So…I think the performance went well and now I can take a little break from this.

Meanwhile I’ve been exceedingly busy at work.  The last day of the semester is Friday and then things slow down considerably and I have quite a bit of time off over the summer.  We leave for France on 5/31 and I have not yet begun to think about packing!

I have snuck in a few minutes of sewing here and there over the week since the last post.  It has all been on the new applique block.  The center and the 4 leaves are finished except I that I haven’t done the red leaf outline on the lower rt. leaf yet.  Because that one is not done, you can see that the red embroidered outline really adds a nice touch and makes a difference in the others.  It’s worth the effort.

51414 #1 block

Closeup (click on picture to see the details):

51414 #2 block closeup


Next the berries and birds need to be added.  Starting next week I will likely try to prepare a second block or some applique project to take to France as hand work for the plane, waiting in airports, etc.

Today Al and I celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary.  Wow!  What’s the secret to a long relationship?  Not sure I have an adequate answer but things that come to mind are: mutual love and respect; appreciating each other; caring enough to do little and major things for each other all the time; good communication; knowing when to let things go; making time to do things together on a regular basis; being best friends and enjoying each other’s company; each of us being comfortable with who we are; and each of us having our own activities that we enjoy separate from each other and giving each other “space” to do those things.  Not an exhaustive list but what comes to mind now.

Enjoy spring!

Thanks for visiting!



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