May 30, 2014: Au revoir! (away for 3 weeks)


As those of you who read my blog know, tomorrow is the big day when we leave for France.  Of course, I am very excited!  Here’s what I’ve been reading:



The trip is going to be an adventure full of sensual and intellectual pleasures.  It will especially be a visual treat and I hope to share many pictures when we return and find some inspiration for quilt making too.  Al loves good food and the trip should be full of delightful tastes as well.  The history is going to be incredible, going as far back as prehistoric caves that we’ll be visiting.

I have 3 little sewing kits packed and ready.  The one I’m taking on the plane involves the English paper piecing technique and I can’t share a picture because it is for the Challenge quilt. (See last post for details; we’re supposed to keep the design a secret until we show then in September.)

The second thing I’m taking is another applique block for the bird quilt.  I haven’t finished the first block, but appliqueing the birds and berries would be more difficult while traveling, so I decided to prep a Crossed Laurel Leaves block:

53014 applique

I will use the needle turn technique to applique the 40 leaves and it should be easy because of the gentle curves – no stress!

The third project I’m taking is the doll quilt for which I decided to hand piece the square blocks together after a 20  year break from hand piecing!  I reviewed the appropriate section of Jinny Beyer’s book on hand sewing and practiced a bit and think I’m ready:


Who knows if I will get to any of these projects, but I’m glad I will have the option of doing some hand sewing when my mind is too full to take in anything more and I’m not in the mood for reading and/or when I want to relax and just think about what I’ve been seeing and doing.

I will take a break from blogging for the next 3 weeks.  Check back then for some great pictures from France and an update on how far I got with these projects while traveling.

Thanks for visiting and au revoir!


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