June 28, 2014: Quilt project updates; Vermont Quilt Festival; more France


I’m finally over the jet lag and feeling back to normal after our trip to France.  Here’s an update on my quilt projects.  First and foremost, I am pushing to get Spring Sonata hand quilted by mid October for our guild’s show.  I have 73 of the 96 blocks in the center quilted and more than half of the side triangles done.

62814 SS#1

62814 SS#2

I have been thinking about what to quilt in the “empty” triangles along the inside of the

upper and lower borders:

62814 SS#4 triangles


I am thinking that I will stick with straight lines, just like in the blocks; this would better maintain the graphic feel of the center.  And I am getting closer to needing to decide what to quilt in the borders:

62814 SS border

I am pretty sure that I am going to quilt some leaf shapes as if they are coming off the vine.  I’m not sure if they will totally fill the space or if I will need to put some background filler in.  I will definitely outline the appliqued leaves and berries.  I got some ideas from the Vermont Quilt Festival quilts yesterday and will eventually share these.

I am making progress on the doll quilt that I am hand piecing.  I started this while on vacation and, after reading about it, completely forgot how Jinny Beyer does her hand piecing.  However, I seem to be doing OK with my own method.  I pieced 4 blocks together (2 top pieces and 2 bottom pieces put together first, then joined):

62814 DQ#1


What I had forgotten is that when you hand piece and do not sew through the seam allowances, you can “pinwheel” the seams where they come together in the center:

62814 DQ#2%22pinwheeling%22

This means that there is NO BULK where these seams come together – very different from machine piecing.  This is one of the things that contributes to hand made quilts being more supple and softer than machine made ones.  This may not be important for wall and art quilts, but for bed quilts that are really going to be used, the feel and texture of hand made is really nice!!  Anyway, here are 6 of the blocks placed next to each other so you can get an idea of what this is going to look like:

62814 DQ#3 full

I got about half the leaves for the second block of the “bird quilt” appliqued while in France and almost all the rest done this past week; only 4 left:

62814 Crossed laurel block

I mentioned that I took work for my guild’s annual quilt Challenge to France and it involved paper piecing; I managed to get all of that done, but of course can’t share it.  There’s still much work to be done on the quilt overall – most likely I won’t get it done until close to the September deadline.

I made my annual trek to Burlington, VT. yesterday to the Vermont Quilt Festival; I haven’t missed going since either 1997 or 1998!  It is always a wonderful show.  Last year I was a “star” at the show, winning a blue ribbon and the best hand quilting award.  This year I didn’t enter anything.  I could have entered my Baltimore Album, but felt I was too busy to do so.  Now that I’ve seen the show, I wish I had entered because, believe it or not, I am pretty sure there were NO traditional red, green, and white Baltimore Album quilts in the show for the first time I can remember and I think I could have contended for the hand quilting award again.

I am going to share pictures today only of the Best of Show, but promise to share many pictures of other great quilts from the show over the next several post.  The BOS was phenomenal and my Viewer’s Choice.  It is “My Version of a Persian” by Christine Wichert.  The quilt is entirely made of silk – fabrics, batting, and thread.  She used Deborah Kimball’s patterns for her flowers (she has a book out) but created her own arrangement:

62814 VQS BOS full


62814 VQS BOS#2

More close-ups:

62814 VQS BOS#3 closer

62814 VQS BOS#4 closeup

62814 VQF BOS#5closeup

You can enlarge these photos by clicking on them; the workmanship is phenomenal and the quilt is gorgeous.  This quilter also won Best of Show 2 or 3 years ago with another all silk quit. This year I noticed that there were several wonderful quilts made of silk fabrics – I think using silk is a trend among nationally known show quilters.  It is beautiful and perhaps I need to move making a silk quilt higher on  my “to do” list.  I have a tub of silk fabric that I’ve been collecting over the years.  We’ll see…  As I have mentioned previously, I am hand quilting with Gutterman silk thread.  I wonder if this is the type of silk thread Christine is using or if she uses something really think like YLI or Kimono silk thread.  Wonder how I can find out….

I am not sure how to organize my photos from France; there are many different ways this could be done.  I just looked through them again and realize I took a lot of pictures of interesting doorways.  The rock formations around the doors and the designs on the doors themselves or how the light is seen through them make the pictures interesting.  I’d love to be able to use some of these images on quilts but I don’t usually do pictorial quilts so will need to think about this for a while.  Meanwhile here are some pictures of doorways (enlarge for details by clicking on them);











62814Doorway in shadow



The next 2 pics are close-ups of the 2 doorways in the above picture:

62814Doorway#13(closeup of12)

62814Doorway#14(closeup of 12)




I will share many more photos of France and photos from Vermont over the next few posts.  I have also just realized that as of mid June, I completed 2 years of blogging and am now in the beginning of my third year of doing this.  I wasn’t sure  what would happen when I started, but I find that I like this as a way of keeping a record of my quilting activities while also occasionally adding in some information about other aspects of my life.  I rarely receive comments and know that my readership is small, but that’s OK.   Thank you to all of you who do read my blog.

Thanks for visiting!


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